10 Creepy Unsolved American Mysteries To Keep You Up At Night

I don”t know about you guys, but I am a HUGE fan of spooky or paranormal story times on YouTube, Reddit NoSleep, and going down Wikipedia mystery wormholes. So I decided to compile a list of some of what I believe are the most fascinating unsolved mysteries that occurred here in the United States. I am hoping to make this a small mini series for 31 Days of Halloween (and if people like it, I will be more than happy to continue) so I’m going to start with the U.S. then move to other areas across the globe! I also would highly recommend clicking on the hyperlinks I will have below to be able to read the full story behind these mysteries and not just my little excerpts if one interests you! Lets get spooky my friends.

10. JonBenét Ramsey

The mother definitely did it or at least covered it up if it was the brother. @ me. I got my evidence. ANYWAYS. Little beauty pageant star, age 6, was found dead on Christmas Morning in 1996. At first she was thought to be kidnapped due to her missing from her room and an extensively long ransom letter found in the house. Then she was later found strangled in her basement. Only issue? No sign of forced entrance to the house, the ransom note was almost THREE PAGES LONG with a pen from within the home (maybe the murderer also made himself a sandwich and watched a movie while he was at it), and a history of abuse from both her mother and her brother towards JonBenet. SUSPICIOUS MUCH!? Check out the full story here to make your own opinions. Let me know in the comments what YOU think actually happened.

9. The Zodiac Killer

Felt obligated to throw this one in here because how can you not. One of the most notorious serial killers in history, the Zodiac Killer is known for a killing spree that occurred between 1968-1969 all over Northern California. With seven confirmed deaths tied directly to the killer, there are up to 37 total under the suspicion of being connected (and only 2 known survivors). His name came from the cryptic messages he sent to police to taunt them on his whereabouts. Check out the full and captivate mystery here.

8. The Phoenix Lights

Image result for the phoenix lights

March 13, 1997, just what exactly did all those people see up in the sky? A bird? A plane? Proof that aliens do exist!? Not sure, but check out the full story (and there are even videos online) here.

7. Roanoke

What happened to the colony of Roanoke that disappeared without a trace? Never to be seen again with no true evidence as to where they could have gone? Take a look into the extremely strange events that led up to the mysterious disappearance of an entire colony here.

6. The Beale Ciphers

Thomas J. Beale was a Virginia man in the 1800s who struck it big in the mining industry. It was said that he gained a vast fortune of ‘treasure’ from a mine in New Mexico. Beale then as a form of safeguarding his fortune for the future, he hid it. The lore has it that he buried his treasure somewhere in Bedford County, Virginia, but not for just anyone to find. In order for the treasure to stay properly hidden, “he then encrypted three messages: the location, a description of the treasure, and the names of its owners and their relatives” (Wikipedia). He then stored these messages in a box and entrusted it to Robert Morriss, a local innkeeper that Beale had befriended. Beale told him to wait 10 years to open the box or until he was dead. When the box was finally open the ciphers were released. So far only one has been deciphered.

5. The Alcatraz Escape Success?

I’m sure you’ve heard the joke about escape jail using only spoons right? Well did you know it actually happened? In Alcatraz of all places too, the ‘inescapable’ prison. In 1962, three inmates by the names of Clarence Anglin, John Anglin and Frank Morris made their grand exit using spoons to dig their way out of their jail cells to supposed ‘freedom.’ The only catch? Well they were never seen again. Now I know what some may be thinking, sure, if they escaped they clearly don’t want to be seen again, buttttt, you have to understand their means of escape. Alcatraz was picked not only for its seclusion, but also because the waters around it were rather rough and hard to navigate. These guys made a make-shift raft out of rain coats. So, you can see people’s skepticism on whether or not they actually survived the escape. But that’s up for you to decide! Check out the FBI page here for the full story on just how they managed it and the clues that are left about their possible survival.

4. Who Was D. B. Cooper?

An average-Joe looking man gets on a flight headed for Seattle in 1971, hi-jacks the plane calmly claiming he had a bomb. Once they land in Seattle he hold everyone on-board hostage, demands $200,000, gets it, lets all the passengers go but demands the pilot flies him to Mexico. Along with the cash he demanded a parachute and before they reached their destination he took the cash and parachuted from the plane never to be seen again. No one knows if D. B. Cooper survived or where he might have gone but one lead shows he may have returned to Portland, Oregon.

3. The Taos Hum

Located in New Mexico, Taos is a small town with an unusual component. It hums. Not like a person humming, more like a buzzing, a frequency. It actually is so noticable that many in town complained about it or moved away due to it. No one really knows how this town is able to constantly emit this low frequency noise!

2. The Black Dahlia

Elizabeth Short was a budding starlet living in Los Angeles (born in Hyde Park in Boston just learned that!) in the 1940s. That was, until she was found dead in Leimert Park on January 15, 1947. What made this murder stand apart from the others and ultimately cause it to be one of the most famous unsolved murder cases of the century, was the nature in which she was found. A mother and her three-year-old daughter were out for their morning walk when they discovered the body in a vacant lot. The body was found nearly cut in half at the waist, her mouth cut on both sides up to the ear to create an eerie smile, naked, and ‘posed.’ There was so much more to the case as well, but ultimately it was left unsolved. If you’d like a super twisted and confusing tale, look up the full case on Wikipedia here.

1. Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Heist

The world’s largest art heist that has still gone unsolved. On March 18th, 1990, men dressed as police officers gained entrance to the museum, robbing it of millions of dollars in artwork. Theories have been circulating for the last 30 years as to who could have been responsible for the heist itself. Was it an inside job? A local mobster? Or maybe just a evil genius average Joe? Since the case is still considered on-going, the museum offers a very pretty penny reward if any information can be given about any of the paintings whereabouts. For more information and the full story (it’s extremely interesting) on this heist that happened right here in my home turf, check out the Museum’s website here, where you can actually do a virtual tour to see where the paintings are missing from!

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