12 Kid Halloween Movies That Totally Use To Freak You Out (And Some That Still Do)

Hi, hello, what’s up. Ready to relive some horrifying childhood nightmares? Same. So lets take a grand old stroll down memory lane to take a look at some movies you may love now (or still hate), but probably were terrified of as a child! Enjoy!

12. The Nightmare Before Christmas

The playmation is absolutely amazing when it comes to the Nightmare Before Christmas, but going along the lines of the title, some of the characters could certainly give kids a fright. Some citizens of Halloween town tended to have a more gruesome appearance and if you were like me then the man with the ax in his head was certainly not your favorite. This movie did teach me to cope with my young fear of monsters though because I would simply tell myself all monsters are nice like most of the ones in Halloweentown. Just, ya know, not Oogie Boogie.

11. Frankenweenie

Another great one from Tim Burton. Unfortunately for this one, it seemed to hit a little too close to home for a lot of kids and didn’t end up being one of his best in the box office. The concept of losing a man’s best friend or any pet like depicted in this movie was a little too painful for some to watch. Even though the entire idea of the movie is he brings his dog back to life (hence Franken-WEENIE). The ending where he has to say goodbye again is what really seems to get people all teary eyed.

10. The Haunted Mansion

Eddie Murphy in a movie based on a Disney ride equals iconic in my opinion. I use to love EVERYTHING about this movie except for the one scene where Eddie Murphy and Aree Davis get stuck inside the mausoleum. I hated when the skeletons all came to life and ESPECIALLY when Aree was swimming in the water, trying to find the key, and the head pops up and screams at her. Nope. Just nope. The only thing that got me over this fear was watching the bloopers at the end and seeing the skeleton actors joke around between takes.

9. The Addams Family (1991)

Love The 1991 Addams Family adaptation, but unfortunately some of the spookily hilarious scenes can be a little too much for the younger crowd. Between cousin IT and the severed hand, it can cause some discomfort.

8. Addams Family Values (1993)

Wednesday Addams who we all know is an absolute queen as well as the OG of shade, goes off to summer camp. We watched this one right before Thanksgiving in elementary school. When they do a play in which Wednesday plays Pocahontas, she decides to give her own retelling of the story. By literally trying to burn at the stake a girl at camp who was bullying her. Back then I was like yikes. Now, well, I like her style. Plus Joan Cusack as a whack job is fabulous.

7. Mostly Ghostly: Who Let The Ghosts Out?

For anyone who has seen this movie, it caused extreme mixed emotions on me as a kid. Moral of the story is you have Arwin from Suite Life of Zach & Cody as a creepy AF bad guy. The look of him was eerie enough. Very hard to see him go from Arwin to whatever you wanna call his character in this movie.

6. Casper Meets Wendy

HILARY DUFF’S ACTING DEBUTTTTT. Wow she was amazing from the start. Anyways besides that, this movie was adorable and fun loving. The only main part that tended to frighten kids was the ending where the evil warlock was quite literally sucked into hell and almost sucked Hilary Duff in with him.

5. The Haunting Hour: Don’t Think About It

Goth Emily Osment and Cody Linley work together to stop a being that is summoned when Osment’s character decides to scare her little brother by reading him a haunted book. If you literally think about the monster it comes after you. Hence Emily Osment’s first true bop “I Don’t Think About It.” Use to listen to it all the time. Look it up. Good stuff.

4. The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr. Toad

I think the story of Sleepy Hollow in general is one that freaks me out. Just because no one ever really knows what happened to poor Ichabod or who exactly the headless horseman was. All I know is that watching the Disney version of this in elementary school scared the crap out of me because I thought the headless hourseman was after me. That was until I saw him in Disney at the beginning of the Halloween Parade and realized he seemed like a cool dude. Mr. Toad is a totally different story mainly because the story ends with him IN HELL. Nice one Disney. Nice one. Try the ride in California, you’ll die too.

3. Corpse Bride

I wanted to run out of the theater so bad when I saw this one back in the day. I remember my babysitter took me and my brother to see this when it first came out and little me was too damn proud to say I was horrified. The entire concept of the fact that this poor girl was literally MURDERED when all she wanted was to be loved. Then on top of all that, the killer tries to do the same thing again! I mean you go Tim Burton, once again the claymation was amazing, but like. No. Poor Emily. At least Victoria lived.

2. Coraline

I finally got over my fear of this movie just this past year. Aka watched it in its entirety without being weirded out. If anything I felt bad for Coraline this time around. Originally as a kid, the other mother (and still to this day TBH) scared the living hell out of me. Stay away from me and those buttons Satan. But now watching it again, not only was I still afraid of buttons, but I felt very bad for Coraline and how neglected she was. She only wanted a happier life.

1. Monster House

I STILL WILL NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE TILL THIS DAY. If I even heard this movie playing or saw a glimpse of it on the TV I would freak out. I have no idea what it was about the movie as a child that absolutely scarred me to life. Like the thought of any house you walk by could just come to life and eat you. It was a definite no from me.

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