15 Craft Supplies You Definitely Had If You Were A 90s Child

Okay picture this, it’s a rainy afternoon and you’re lil mini self is bored as all heck. You could easily play with your toys, but you’re feeling a little crafty. So, if you were like me as a kid, you’d go into your room and pull out your craft bin. Next thing ya know, your next masterpiece is being gifted to your parents (even though they didn’t ask for it), and little you is beaming with pride! So here is a list of 15 craft supplies that would have assisted in creating your masterpieces if you were a 90s child!

15. Puffy Paint

How else would you paint perfect clouds or add that extra 3D effects to your t-shirts??


14. Shape Punches

Wanted your construction paper or card to have a poorly made boarder around it? Add a little flair to the edges of your paper with these bad boy hold punches with a twist! I used to simply punch holes in paper over and over with these just for fun.

Image result for shape hole puncher

13. Fuse Beads

I loved designing things with fuse beads and constantly getting either new bead color packs or new design pegs! It was all fun and games until you dropped your peg board on the floor before the beads were fused together, or when you had to impatiently wait for your parents to iron them for you.

Image result for fuse beads

12. Scratch n Sniff Stickers

I remember Blockbuster use to have special scratch and sniff sets of stickers that went along with the newest movies that were out at the moment. I remember getting what I believe was a Rugrats Go Wild scratch n sniff sticker pack when I rented the movie after it first came out. It smelled awful but worth it.

Image result for rugrats go wild scratch and sniff card

11. Crayola Box WITH The Crayon Sharpener

First of all, I LIVE for all the names of these Crayola colors. Rust Red, Seafoam Green, and Cornfield Blue? How can you go wrong with colors named like that. You knew you were going to be a huge hit when you whipped that Crayola box around to showcase a beautiful crayon sharpener that usually ruined your crayon more than helped it.

Image result for crayola box with sharpener

10. Beads & Letter Beads

Aka how to make a beautiful bracelet or necklace or keychain that your parents will be forced to show off until you forget about it and it “magically” disappears.

9. Stamp Markers

The thing about these markers was mainly that they ran out extremely fast. Then you’d end up with about half a stamp or when they were brand new, you’d just have paper with trails of these stamps until the marker ran out.

Related image

8. Fabric Paint/Markers

In edition to puffy paint, this is how you knew your birthday party sleepover or prepping for Halloween was going to be lit. You would always end up being the star of the show when you and all your little friends showed up to school the next day with matching handmade t-shirts or to the next sleepover with handmade pillowcases.

7. Pencil Box

Every great crafter needed one of these amazing cases to hold all of their loose markers and colored pencils!

Image result for 90s pencil box

6. Glitter Glue

How to equally make a mess and create a magical piece of art. It almost never dried unless it was all over your hand vs the paper you were trying to get it on.

Image result for glitter glue

5. Puffy Stickers

How to properly enhance any sticker book or to ensure that your sticker book or paper will never lie flat again.

Image result for puffy stickers

4. Scented Markers

I swear people got high off these things in class. I remember people always passing around the black licorice scent and how everyone thought the chocolate brown one was nasty.

Image result for scented markers

3. Patterned Scissors

ENHANCE THAT CARD BOARDERRRR. I suggest you use the pattern scissors first before you go and use the shape stamps so you don’t accidentally cut away a piece of your stamp artwork.

Image result for patterned scissors

2. Magic Markers

I still to this day wonder how this witchcraft works. I remember I would get these clue books, and you had to solve problems then the magic markers would reveal the answers once you drew over the clue pages. Or when the magic markers would start out one color then change as it was overlaid with a magic white marker. Witchcraft I’m telling you.

Image result for magic markers that changed color

1. Construction Paper

The true foundation of all childhood creativity and also one of the hardest decisions in your entire young life: picking a color.

Image result for construction paper

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