Top 10 Disney Scents and Where To Find Replicas

Okay guys, no time for lying, we ALL know that Disney smells, well, pretty DANG good. Obviously there are some parts that you rather wish you could avoid the smell, but others you probably still fantasize about. So let me start this article off with a little VIP knowledge I learned from my time as a Disney Guide. While working in the Magic Kingdom specifically, I learned a pretty cool term for how Disney magically transports you from your basic every day life, into the magical place we know of today.

The best way I can explain this is in Magic Kingdom when you move from one land to another. It’s almost like you don’t even notice the change; one second you’re strolling through the wild west of Frontierland with its orange path and country tunes, and then suddenly you’re passing by the colonial houses of Liberty Square listening to old patriotic jigs on the loud speakers. How does Disney do it? How do they manage to instill such a concept that you can move from one land to another and the entire place is able to completely revamp around you with little to no realization? Well this concept actually has a name according to Disney, a “Sensory Tickle.”

A “Sensory Tickle”, is basically the term concocted by Disney Imagineers for their concept of guests moving from one location to another without fully realizing the transformation of the area around them. They make it so seamless that its barely even noticeable until you, well uh, notice.

The reason for all of this explanation is because I want to dive deeper into this concept and focus on just one sense for now and that would be scent. Disney Imagineers are masterminds of creating and developing scents for certain areas of the parks and resorts that leave a lasting impression on guests. They blend together different aromas to create a unique scent so when guests come into contact with a similar scent elsewhere, it will bring back memories to their times at Disney or to one specific Disney location. Smart right? Almost like a fancy way to free advertising.

Anyways, there are many scents throughout Walt Disney World Resort that are favored more than others and some that have even been recreated by various Etsy shops in the form of candles. So I decided to countdown a top 10 list of the best scents and link some great Etsy shops where you can purchase the scents to remember your favorite Disney memories all the time! Enjoy!

(I am not affiliated with any of these Etsy shops I just think they’re great and deserve recognition. If for any reason an Etsy shop would like me to take their content down please reach out to me and I will take the article down for any reason)

10. Dole Whip (Aloha Isle, Magic Kingdom)

You can purchase the scent from RensRemedies here.

Description from RensRemedies: “Pineapple (secret name because people love coming after the little guy) Whip Inspired Candle
Pineapple Bath Bomb — Smells like Pineapple Soft Serve”

image 1

9. Port Orleans Lobby (Port Orlean’s Resort)

You can purchase the scent from 3CheekyChicksWaxCo here.

Description from 3CheekyChicksWaxCo.: “Take a trip to the lobby of the Port Orleans French Quarter. Where the flowers are always fragrant. A clean, fresh scent that blends cotton, mandarin blossoms, freesia and peonies.”

image 0

8. Aloe & Green Clover (Grand Floridian Lobby)

You can purchase the scent from Main Street Melts Candle Co. here.

Description from Main Street Melts Candle Co.: “Scent Description- “Clean and crisp clover blends with botanical leafy notes to create this nostalgic, Disney Deluxe Lobby Fragrance. Fresh dew drops and sunny citrus tones add sparkle to this green blend of sweet clover and botanical leafy notes taking you back to your ‘home’ resort.”

ALOE and GREEN CLOVER Disney Candle  9oz Jar / Disney  image 0

7. Pandora (Flight of Passage, Animal Kingdom)

You can purchase the scent from Main Street Melts Candle Co here.

Description from Main Street Melts Candle Co.: “Scent Descri.ption- “Our Flight of Passage Inspired Candle is a captivating and earthy oakmoss scent that begins with hints of orange, grapefruit, and an infusion of sage that enhance the natural earthy quality. Lavender and rose add a soft floral touch to the heart of this fragrance, while oakmoss, amber, and tonka round out the base for a beautiful, deep character recapturing the breezy scent of the incredible Pandora attraction!””

image 0

6. Hang Glidin (Soarin’, Epcot)

You can purchase the scent from 3CheekyChicksWaxCo here.

Description from 3CheekyChicksWaxCo: “This Disney inspired scent comes from the original ride, flying high over Pine scented mountains, Salty Oceans and fragrant Orange Groves. It’s a great reminder of such a wonderful ride, Let your senses SOAR.”

image 0

5. Main Street Bakery (Magic Kingdom)

You can purchase the scent from Main Street Melts Candle Co. here.

Description from Main Street Melts Candle Co.: “Scent Description: “With its sweet bakery dough and vanilla cream fragrance, the Main Street Bakery Candle will smell like you are walking by this famous bakery/pastry shop in the heart of Main Street USA!”

image 0

4. The Polynesian

You can purchase the scent from Main Street Melts Candle Co. here.

Description from Main Street Melts Candle Co.: “Our Polynesian Village candle smells of Tropical Coconut Lime with a hint of Hibiscus, and reflects the fragrance used in the Polynesian Village Resort at Walt Disney World.”

image 0

3. The Haunted Mansion

You can purchase the scent from Courteous Notes here.

Description from Courteous Notes: “Don’t be afraid….Think of it as bravery, embrace the creepiness and savor the scare…. Surround yourself with the sense that you will make it out….. with only a hint of doom. This candle will offer a memory…..
Smells of Aged cedar surrounded by saffron spice, violet, and geranium; all sitting on base notes of vetiver and cold damp clay and soil.”

image 0

2. Rome Burning (Spaceship Earth, Epcot)

You can purchase the scent from EnchantedCityCandles here.

Description from EnchantedCityCandles: “FRAGRANCE: A comforting blend of smoked woods, crackling embers, balsam and fir.”

Rome Burning Candle  Disney Parks Scents  Soy Blend  Gift image 0

1. Pirates Revenge (Pirates of the Caribbean Ride, Magic Kingdom)

You can purchase the scent from Spireside here.

Description from Spireside: “SCENTS – Musty Ocean Water, Salty Sea Breeze, Cannon Fire and Smoke.”


Now go light your candles, take a deep breathe in, and close your eyes to take in all the old memories!

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