The DCP Tag!

Hello Everyone! I am in desperate need of a study break from midterms so it’s time for the second round of the Disney Tag: The DCP Tag!

1. How did you hear about the program? I’ve known about this program from a while it’s been a dream of mine to be in the program from a long time!
2. How was the interview process? Honestly I went through the interview process pretty quickly! The hard part was waiting to hear back!
3. Where were you when you found out? I was in my dorm room! I had just about given up hope when I checked my email one last time only to see my acceptance! I started screaming to my roommates saying I was going to Disney World!
4. What is your role? Preferred roles? I am going to be part of the Quick Service Food and Beverage team! Some of my top role preferences was QSFB, Convention Guide, and Bellhop Host.
5. How did you find your roommates? How many do you want? I found my roommate through the Facebook pages! (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND joining the Facebook pages!) Im hoping to live with 6 people! More roommates means meeting more people!
6. What are you going to miss while in the program? Probably my family, but they’ll be visiting me during the program and Disney is my second home anyways!
7. What’s your favorite Disney park? Magic Kingdom, I love the atmosphere!
8. First thing you want to do when you get there? Kitchen Sink
9. What is number 1 on your bucket list? Well it originally was to get into the program, but now that I get to checked that one off the list probably the Kitchen Sink with my roommates!
10. One thing you hope to take away from the program? I want to help guests create magical memories!

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