My Top 10 Favorite Supernatural & True Crime YouTubers & Podcasts!

Today’s post is going to be a little different! I am going to promote some of my all-time favorite YouTube channels and Podcasts that revolve around all things spooky and mysterious! These Channels do an amazing job of sharing stories that will make you feel like you’ve read a whole book on the topic in under an hour! I love the detail! If you’re looking for some spooky listens then scroll on down! (I will also try to link one of their most recent videos below)

10. Slapped Ham

I’m a fan of throwing on haunted clip compilation videos when I’m bored and want something to pay attention to. But, of course when it comes to ‘ghost’ clip compilation channels, there are a ton of lame ones in my humble opinion. Or one’s that only show things that are clearly faked or edited for a ‘wow’ factor from viewers. I’m here for the possible real stuff! The stuff that makes me second guess things! Or the videos that make me rewind the look again! I like Slapped Ham because most of their video’s are very interesting. I will be honest and say that their older video compilations were more believable to me, but I feel as if they may just be low on content certain weeks and have to add in some videos that seem pretty fake. Overall I’d recommend them though.

9. Haunted Places Parcast Network

This is a newer Podcast for me. I actually have only discovered it recently when Spotify suggested it. So far, I’d say I’m a fan. At first, I think it took a little while to fully understand the narrator’s story-telling style, but now I enjoy listening to an episode or two while commuting.

8. Brittney Crabb

I love Brittney’s fearless attitude when it comes to all things paranormal. She is definitely not one to run away from a ghost! She is the kind of paranormal investigator who will go running into the haunted house with open arms (while getting it all on camera). I love her videos because her added humor and confidence is aways amazing and she’s not afraid to be up front if she doesn’t catch anything paranormal on camera. It makes her content all the more reliable to me honestly.


7. Sir Spooks

Another spooky clips compilation video channel that does a great job of finding some clips that I don’t see on other channels. I believe pretty much everything Sir Spooks compiles and I think the channel does a great job of weeding out the fakes. I also love how the narrator talks, it adds a little extra eeriness to the videos.

6. Hailey Reese

I’ve watched her videos since the beginning and I love how she jumps from sharing her own paranormal experiences, to telling other stories shared by viewers, to true crime and paranormal mysteries, to ghost hunting at actual locations! She does a great job telling every story in great detail on top of being very honest and forthcoming about her opinions on all of it! Also her vlog channel is a lot of fun too, I recommend that as well!

5. Lore

I absolutely love listening to this Podcast. I use to listen to it every day while driving to work. Each episode is just so engaging and thrilling. The way the narrator goes into such detail about every aspect of his topic; it’s almost as if you can visualize the entire story playing out in your head! I also love how the topics range from haunted places and items, to urban legends or horrific history that sounds almost too fanatical to have actually happened!

4. Georgia Marie

I love Georgia’s passion for all things True Crime and History. Her main channel series include unsolved/solved true crime cases as well as little known to more in-depth looks at commonly known points throughout history. She is extremely passionate about her research and every single topic that she discusses. She also makes it her priority to assist in any way she can with many cases that have yet to be solved including sharing John Doe stories and passing along cases from missing person’s family members who have reached out to her.


3. Nuke’s Top 5

Definitely my top favorite spooky clips compilation channel at the moment. They do an amazing job of finding unique clips and each one is absolutely chilling! I believe every single clip they share and some honestly blow my mind. I also love the narrator’s voice and his added humor at times!

2. Eleanor Neale

I loveeee Eleanor’s covering of cases that range from more well-known to little discussed. She does such extensive and amazing research on every topic that I literally feel like an investigator on the case when she’s done sharing. I also love how she doesn’t shy away from creating mult-part videos to ensure we get as much information on each case as possible. Plus her commentary and personality overall really highlights her videos as well!

1. BuzzFeed Unsolved: True Crime & Paranormal

If you haven’t seen Shane and Ryan go on adventures to haunted locations or discuss a crime then you are seriously missing out. At this point, I don’t even think you can say you’re a real true crime or paranormal fan if you haven’t seen them. They are truly iconic and turn ever mystery into a hilarious time! I also love their new channel Watcher (especially Puppet History) and I highly recommend people check it out!!!!


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