15 Nintendo DS Lite Games You Definitely Played As A Kid (And Probably Still Do)

I recently found my Nintendo DS Lite and a pouch full of games I use to play! I lived for my Nintendo and I’m working my best now to find the charger for it because I am definitely going to play some old games! I decided to compile a list of what I believed were some of the top games that were played on Nintendo! But as always feel free to leave any comments down below of any mega ones I missed.

15. Cross Words

This game was the start of letting out my inner grandma.

14. Hannah Montana

It’s your time to shine as Hannah Montana herself. Live the real double life of Miley and Hannah by exploring her Malibu hometown while getting ready for the concert of a lifetime!

13. Petz

It was like the level below Nintendogs but everyone still loved it. It was literally virtual pets for those who either couldn’t have pets, weren’t allowed to have pets, or those who were allergic or just too lazy. RIP to all the poor animals who ran away because the owners probably haven’t fed them in 10 years.

12. Animal Crossing

Never played it but I swear it had a cult following when it first came out and even up to this day!

11. Nintendogs

Now nintendogs was the main thing everyone seemed to love. Honestly I never went through that psycho dogs are life craze that a lot of people went through around this time, but this was the perfect way to get your doggo fill when your parents wouldn’t let you get a real one (or another real one). You basically adopted a dog of your choosing and took care of it. But don’t forget to check back periodically because your dog will run away if it feels neglected!

10. Mario Kart

SO THIS ONE TIME IN 8TH GRADE. You better believe that I’m about to dive into this story. ANYWAYS. It’s 8th grade, my entire class is on a bus for DC and were bored as all heck because kids stuck on a road trip leads to chaos. Then one person has the genius idea to whip out their DS and start playing Mario Kart. The cool thing about DS Lites though was you could CONNECT THEM AND ALL PLAY TOGETHER. It was the best time ever.

9. Sims City


8. MySims

I livedddd for MySims. But of course at this point I’m sure you all already know this because the sims and I go way back. Anyways this one was super fun because not only did you get to create yourself and your little house, but it had a cool story line of rebuilding a town to its former glory! Plus you got to make your own clothes and play a ton of fun mini games.

7. Brain Age/ Big Brain Academy

I was more of a Big Brainer myself, but both games were fun. I always felt so dang smart whenever I passed one of their brain tests with flying colors. The brain teaser type games ranged from memory games to logic quizzes.

6. Imagine Games

Guys, I’m currently working on another post for all of the games this brand has. If any of you remember these games, there was a TON. Babysitter, teacher, fashion designer, etc. But if you had any of these games you’d also know that they did not hold  your entertainment for very long. Aka there wasn’t much to do in the games hence why they were able to crank out so many of them.

5. Pokemon

Like okay unpopular opinion, but I think the Game Boy versions of the pokemon games were more popular than the DS ones.

4. Diner Dash

This was the first ever game I got the same night I got my first ever DS Lite! I loved Flo and the Diner Dash game and it was my goal to complete all the levels. That of course didn’t happen, but the game itself was so dang addicting trying to fill all the tables and get everyone’s orders before they get angry.

3. Zoo Tycoon DS

Almost as good as the computer version. It worked out perfectly though because if you were like me and had to go to your cousin’s house to play the PC version, this was a great alternative. It was just as fun, but on a smaller screen.

2. Super Mario Bros

Didn’t really play it but it’s just like your any other Mario game.

1. Cooking Mama

THIS IS THE SECOND GAME I EVER GOT. Ugh I don’t think anyone will ever forget the face Mama makes when you mess up her food and disgrace her good cookin name. I loved unlocking new recipes and making new creations! It was always so fun because each cooking or prepping option was a different mini game depending on what kind of food you were working with. Never forget how many times I burnt my poor little animated hands trying to peel a potato in record time.

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