10 Easy Pumpkin Carving Designs and Tricks For The Jack-O-Lantern Beginners

Welcome one and all to Day 2 of 31 Days of Halloween 2020! Today I was feeling a little crafty and decided to dive right on into one of the best Halloween activities of all time: carving a pumpkin. Now I do plan on making another article with some of the more advanced pumpkin carving designs (mainly just because they look so cool), but for now I decided to stick to the basics! Here are some steps for beginners or for those who simply don’t like getting too complicated with their Halloween creativity. Enjoy!

10. Keep It Classic

Simple eyes, nose, and a smile can make any pumpkin into a Jack-o-Lantern! Whether its half moon eyes or circles, a triangle nose or two nostrils, and a single toothed grin or two, any classic look will bring your pumpkin to life!

9. Buy A Kit!

This year I’ve noticed in a lot of stores such as Target, Walmart, and Marshalls, that they have started selling these adorable Jack-o-Lantern kits! Mainly Disney themed, but I do believe I have seen some generic ones as well, these kits allow you to create an adorable pumpkin with no knife or intense creative talent! Perfect for kids and parents alike! Or ya know, the Disney lover like me who just loves a good character pumpkin.

8. Add Your Own Props

Get extra crafty with your friends or kids by collecting some pieces around the house to add to your Jack-o-Lantern activity! If you’re not trying to carve off a finger, try adding some toys, fabrics, or art materials to your project for a little extra show!

7. Drill Hole Pumpkin

Simple yet very easy to get creative with! If you’re worried about a knife try using an apple corer or drill to poke hole designs into your pumpkin!

6. Stack Em, Tack Em, And Attach Em!

Add some pumpkin ears or stack some pumpkin faces, however you place them they’re sure to be a hit!

5. Turn It Into A Candy/Food Bowl!

Super simple way to get into the festive spirit. Don’t feel like carving? Try cutting the pumpkin in half or a hole out of the top and core it. Once it’s nice and clean add a candy bowl or some dip to add a little extra spirit to your house!

4. Carve A Word Not A Face!

Write your last name, a word of endearment, a wedding date, or a spooking warning for all those who wander to your porch on Halloween!

3. Paint It Instead!

Don’t even bother with a knife or any type of sharp object and opt for a paintbrush instead! A painted pumpkin creation can easily be just as cute (or cuter) as any carved one! Plus this way you can add a nice touch of color!

2. Use A Template Or Cookie Cutter

Need some ideas? Google some templates and cut them out for carving inspiration! Or better yet, grab some cookie cutters and hammer them into your pumpkin for a clean cut!

1. The Puking Pumpkin

Did your pumpkin have a, um, late night last night? Or maybe they ate a little too much Halloween candy? Well regardless of the cause, looks like your pumpkin is puking in front of guests! Add pumpkin guts or guacamole to your carving routine for a spewing good show! A simple, creative and downright funny twist on a classic Jack-O-Lantern!

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