11 Phobias You Didn’t Know Had A Name (And You Might Have)

WELCOME BACK you fear loving readers. Clearly the phobias thing is something that fascinates a LOT of you and honestly, it fascinates me too. I love researching new names and new phobias and sharing my findings with you all! Today, I decided to focus on phobias that are actually pretty common among the general public but you one, may not realize you actually have this phobia, and two may not have even realized it was a phobia with a name at all! So without further ado, ENJOY facing your fears.

11. Bathmophobia

The fear of slopes or stairs. Okay hear me out on this one. Do you ever have dreams (or nightmares) of being on stairs and not being able to reach the top or maybe they’re so steep that your heart starts racing thinking you’ll fall? No? Just me? Okay maybe it’s because I’m short. But if you’re like me, something about going up steep or long staircase or escalators have always freaked me out. It also said that if you had this fear as a child, it’s more common to grow with you into adulthood which also makes sense. When I was younger, if there was stairs with gaps between each step (which I will picture above to explain my case), I ALWAYS thought I was going to fall through and still have nightmares randomly about it to this day!

10. Decidophobia

The fear of making decisions. Call it indecisive. Call it whatever you want. When it comes to making a decision and the possibility of choosing the wrong option, you could say I have this phobia.

9. Pupaphobia

The fear of puppets or marionettes. I think the only person on the planet who didn’t have this fear was Jim Henson himself.

8. Pentheraphobia

The fear of your mother-in-law. This one made me laugh and think of all the people who claim they have mother-in-law zillas. So now if you’re not a big fan of your new mother and want to make it known without making it too obvious, just say you have Pentheraphobia.

7. Deipnophobia

The fear of dinner parties or banquets. Aka, the fear of dining out or with a large group of people. This is a common case when it comes to social anxiety, but many don’t realize how specified phobias can be. Like the fact that this specific kind of situation has it’s own phobia name amazes me.

6. Carcinophobia

The fear of cancer or developing cancer. This I truly believe is a phobia everyone has even if it is subconscious in many peoples’ minds. Everyone has the fear of leaving this world early and many know someone who left too soon due to this awful illness. Of course as a phobia, I assume this term is used for those who can’t seem to get the fear off their mind almost constantly, but overall I still think it may be an underlying phobia in everyone.

5. Emetophobia

The fear of vomiting or seeing vomit. This phobia is EXTREMELY common, in fact I watch a LOT of YouTubers who explain this to be their biggest phobia. Since my parents are both nurses, I believe that is why throwing up never seemed to phase me. Of course, I am not a fan of throwing up myself because it usually means I feel sick. But if I see someone throw up, I am more than willing to assist them, rather than not being able to stand the sight of the ordeal.

4. Astraphobia

The fear of thunder and lightning. I find it fascinating that there are separate phobia names for those who are just afraid of thunder and others who are just afraid of lightning. The list of phobia names are truly limitless. But this one I find to be very common in people as well. I mainly think of kids who, like I use to be, are terrified of thunder storms. Then I believe this phobia pertains to the people who never grow out of this fear even into adulthood. I understand the fear though, thunder storms can be loud and dangerous!

3. Trypanophobia

The fear of needles or getting shots. This usually then leads to the overarching fear of doctors or doctor offices. I know SO many people who live with this fear as well as the phobia of seeing blood. It all combines together really. As for me, as a child I HATED shots. I swear I would need multiple nurses to hold me down as I thrashed around. Now, I am MUCH better. The sight nor the feeling doesn’t affect me like it use to, but I still know so many people who will have panic attacks on their way to the doctors.

2. Agoraphobia

This phobia is a little more general than most of the others I have on this list in the sense that it has a few different meanings. The main definition I follow when it comes to this term is the fear of crowded or public places. The entirety of the phobia usually relates to social anxiety or anxiety in general. The idea that a public place may be too crowded leading to a panic attack or it may lead to an embarrassing social situation that then will lead to a panic attack.


I CANT EVEN LOOK UP PICTURES FOR THIS UGH. The fear of small holes close together. Like I can’t even begin to describe to you how I have this phobia so bad but I do. Like my mind can’t even begin to make sense as to why this makes me feel so uncomfortable but just googling pictures of this phenomenon makes my skin crawl so sorry guys, you’ll have to look this one up for yourself.

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