15 Strange Phobias That People Actually Have

Okay, let’s be real, no matter what anyone says in life, everyone is always afraid of something. Now, when it comes to whether that fear is rational or not is a different story. Today, I decided to touch on some of the, well, stranger phobias that truly exist and real people in the world are plagued with. My last phobias’ post from October’s Halloween month still has viewers captivated so I decided to create another one! Expect a few more on the way too! Anyways, for now, let’s check out some of the stranger phobias the world holds.

15. Optophobia

The fear of opening one’s eyes. Yes. This is a real thing and it is usually connected to those with severe anxiety or mental disorders. Some websites say that many with this phobia tend to stay indoors or in darkness.

14. Achievemephobia

The fear of success. This is more of a subconscious phobia rather than one the person with the irrational fear is aware of. Pretty crazy to think about considering most suffer from the fear of failure.

13. Lockiophobia

The fear of childbirth. This is a fear that I think for those who have it can easily avoid with proper precautions put into place.

12. Nephophobia

The fear of clouds. Better hope its a clear day outside! Not really sure how this one comes to be within a person’s psyche.

11. Nomophobia

The fear of being far from your cellular phone. People who have this fear go through extreme phases of panic when in dead zones or when their phone is lost. This is the issue with today’s day and age.

10. Ablutophobia

The fear of bathing. In my opinion I could see this spawning from someone who maybe almost drown as a child or had a traumatic bathtub experience. But still, that is just unsanitary and quite frankly a possibly smelly phobia situation. But those who have it and have to face their fear every time they bath, I commend you.

9. Chiroptophobia

The fear of bats. Now this is an understandable and somewhat common phobia. BUT, I added it because it said some have this extreme fear because they believe vampires are real and in turn may be disguised as bats.

8. Turophobia

The fear of cheese. What a sad life to live.

7. Anthophobia

The fear of flowers. I like how to websites I’ve been researching from specify that many with this phobia don’t tend to be allergic to flowers or don’t discriminate to the kind of flower and simply fear them all.

6. Chorophobia

The fear of dancing. I understand if this fear derives from a social anxiety, especially for those who feel they can’t dance. But, those who even fear the sight of it are why I posted it on here.

5. Porphyrophobia

The fear of the color purple. I don’t even have an explanation for this one.

4. Ergophobia

The fear of work. In some cases, I would call this a cop out for lazy people. But I also completely understand that those with severely stressful jobs or maybe some who have had scarring jobs in the past may experience this phobia.

3. Pteridophobia

The fear of ferns. Thought I’d get a little more specific. Once again I have no real explanation for this one.

2. Ecophobia

The fear of your home. My automatic reaction to this was if someone’s house was haunted, I’d be afraid of my home too. But from the little research there is online that I could find quickly, it seems to pertain more to what could be going on in the world outside of your house while you’re inside your own home.

1. Arachibutyrophobia

Brace yourselves. I saved this as number one for a reason. This fear is not of the object about to be referred to itself, but instead the action that it creates. This is the fear of not peanut butter, but of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. Like okay, it’s not a pleasant situation and I honestly believe everyone’s hates the sensation. But COME ON. As a phobia!? Then just don’t eat it!

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