15 Things 90s/00s Kids DEFINITELY Forgot About (Until Now)

You ever suddenly get overcome with the feeling of nostalgia from a memory then your second thought it ‘wow I COMPLETELY forgot about that!’. Or how about you find an old toy that use to be all the rage or an old magazine and get completely shell-shocked to realize that something that was once so vital to your childhood existence was wiped almost completely from your mind? Well lets take a look at a small list I complied of some things that you probably forgot about from your childhood, but will definitely make you say OH YEAH I REMEMBER THOSE! Enjoy!

15. This Painful Sound Explosion

If you know what this means then the picture explains itself. I think my ears still bleed a little just from looking at it.

14. The Hamburgaler, Grimace, and Halphas

And SO many more, but I decided to stick with the main trio that stood along side Ronald himself. Back in the day when McDonalds decided to get crafty with their marketing and advertisements, they created a whole world of strange and funny characters to help promote each aspect of the McDonald’s restaurants. Use to be very afraid of the Hamburgaler to be honest. Just like swiper the fox.

13. The Six Flags Man

I can still see the bus pulling up and the music playing now. What a great gig for an old guy if you ask me. Plus you can’t deny that he had some mad dancing skills!

12. L’Oreal Kids Shampoo

Smelled good, kinda looked like fish for fun, but still burned the hell out of your eyes. Do you know how many years it took me to realize the ‘no tears’ slogan was because it supposedly made your hair easier to brush out rather than you wouldn’t cry if it got in your eyes? A long, long time.

11. Madame Alexander McDonald Minis

I still have a lot of the mini Disney edition ones somewhere in my basement (I guess certain ones are worth money now a days???). I loved these little dolls dressed up as characters from movies. I always thought the entire concept of them were so cute and creative!

10. Magic Eye Books

You either could see it or you couldn’t. I swear half the time the photos worked and it was easy to make out the image hidden underneath whereas other times they didn’t even bother putting an underlying picture knowing kids are going to claim they see it just to look cool either way.

9. Kudos Bars

I was always jealous when one of my friends had a Kudos bar in their lunch box. They were literally just as much sugar as a candy bar but I think if you squinted you could see some granola. Glorious, deliciously chocolate goodness.

8. Bumpits & Hairagami

Did Hairagami actually work and did anyone actually buy them?? The world may never know. But do we know Bumpits work? Ask Snooki.

7. Neopets

I wasn’t a big user of the Neopet website (I was more of a Webkinz and Club Penguin kinda girl). But I loved collecting their plushie McDonald’s counterparts when they came around every once in a while. Basically it was like caring for a virtual mini animal-mystical creature hybrid.

6. This Doll House

I STILL HAVE THIS HOUSE IN MY ATTIC. I swear this playhouse was the staple of my childhood. All of my Polly Pockets lived in it, even my Barbies. I still have all the furniture in bins in my basement and honestly probably still have the car somewhere too. I thought it was so hi-tech that the stairs to the second floor could flip up and turn into attic stairs. #nextgeneration

5. The Tweevils from Bratz

Anyone else remember the blonde twins from the Bratz tv show, movies, and video games who worked for the rival magazine company? The tweevils were the staple of high school evil meanwhile one was clearly undergoing constant nose jobs.

4. All These Old Toy Food Sets

Basically the “find a random piece of each set here and there” kind of toys. You’d have play bins and find one piece of ice cream and a chicken leg then never find the rest for days.

3. LeapFrog

I loved following along with leap frog books. I honestly am still mystified as to how exactly they worked (probably magic), but these little bad boys definitely kept me entertained on longer car rides. It was great because as a kid it was all the fun parts about reading without the actual reading part. Pictures with a little pen that would spell and pronounce the words out for you! Only issue is once you got bored over a book you’ve already ‘read’ too many times over or you lost the little attachment piece for the book.

2. Narrow Nantucket Bracelets

Remember finding the size that fit your wrist perfectly and wearing them until they were too dirty to be seen in public or until they shrunk from too much water to the point that you had to have your parent cut them off of you? Good times.

1. Window Art & Shrinky Dinks

That beautiful disgusting art where you basically made artwork with liquid clear plastic then stuck it directly to your window to never be removed again. Never. Ever. Removed. Even if you wanted it to be that ish ain’t never coming off. Meanwhile Shrinky Dinks were THE THINGGGG. Who didn’t love coloring plastic and sticking it into a mini oven only to watch it condense? Plus then you got to take it out and cut yourself on the rough corners and only use it as a key chain at most! THE THINGS THAT ENTERTAINED US 90s/00s KIDS.

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