10 Things Only Massachusetts People Understand

10. The True Importance Of Dunkin’

I’m going on a Dunks run you want anything? To start things off in the most Massachusetts way possible, you can’t survive in Massachusetts (or most of New England for that matter) without Dunkin Donuts. You will see one on just about every block, turn, and avenue throughout the state. Although some might swear to Starbucks, you can never escape Massachusetts without a trip to a true Dunkin Donuts. It’s just not the same in other states considered they originate from US. Plus their coffee swirl flavors give me LIFE. If it doesn’t actually taste like coffee, then it’s for me.

9. Ice Coffee Year Round

17 degrees? Iced coffee. 110 degrees? Iced coffee. One thing you’ll learn about Massachusetts folks is that we don’t have a time frame for iced coffee, it’s year round. Some people drink it daily or religiously, ESPECIALLY from good ol’ Dunks. Gotta have those good flavor swirls added in in my personal opinion.

8. How To Properly Pronounce Town Names

Worcester? (Woor-ster). Peabody? (Peabidy). Haverill? (Hayve-rill). Scituate (Sit-chu-wet). Leicester (Lester). Confused yet? Welcome to Massachusetts town names. The list goes on and on. If you want a fun game to play with friends, google more and see if anyone can pronounce them correctly (Bostonian version of correct that is).

7. The Real Importance Of Sports Team Pride

Sports are a RELIGION around these parts. Sundays are sacred for other reasons and Tom Brady is our God. And trust me, no one can tell us otherwise. The grocery stores are usually filled to the brim on game day before game time and you can’t go anywhere without seeing someone decked out in Patriots attire. But then again, if you are the best then you might as well let it be known ;).

6. Banging A U-ey & Rotaries

The worst road construction projects in existence. Who’s idea was this? No stop signs, just press your luck and hope no one’s going too fast or already on the rotary. Basically a giant circle to create even worse traffic and build up while attempting to get rid of traffic and build up.

5. Shopping Carriages

It’s not a cart, or a buggy, in the Boston area it’s a carriage. Guess you could say were old school. I like to think since we derive a lot from our older English counterparts, that the term carriages just stuck with us.

4. The Proper Use Of The Term “Wicked”

Wicked is an adjective up around these parts. No it’s not a way to describe someone evil, instead it enhanced or emphasizes just about ANYTHING. Big house? Wicked big house. Long day? Wicked long day. Super cool time? Wicked cool time. Ya get the jist? People pretty much know I’m from Boston right away as soon as they hear my vocabulary (and no I don’t have the hardcore accent like most but you’ll hear me use wicked in just about every sentence).

3. Jimmies vs. Sprinkles

We like to distinguish the difference between if you want rainbow sprinkles on your ice cream or you want chocolate sprinkles on your ice cream. But in typical Bostonian fashion we can’t simply call them chocolate or rainbow, instead we simply have jimmies or sprinkles. Jimmies are chocolate and if you ask for sprinkles then you better know you’ll always get rainbow.

2. Candlepin Bowling

Image From: Balls.com

I swear I was looked at as if I had twenty heads when I tried explaining that I was only use to candle pin bowling growing up. My Florida friends had no idea what the heck I was talking about. For those of you NOT from the Boston area, candle pin bowling is the picture depicted above. Basically the bowling balls are smaller without the holes and the pins look, well like candles. BOOM. Candle pin bowling.

1. Water Bubblers

OKAY EVERYONE. Lets get ONE. THING. STRAIGHT. These bad boys above are called water BUBBLERS. No if, ands, or buts about it! Elementary school was filled with small children raising their hands and asking to go use the bubbler. I don’t want to hear a single person try to argue me on this topic. Class dismissed.

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