Most Popular Christmas Toys From The 00s

Welcome back guys! I’m glad to hear many of you loved my little trip down nostalgia Christmas lane yesterday, so today I decided to dive into rendition 2. Today we are going to focus on the next decade in the mix: the early 2000s. This one will probably spark a slightly bigger cord with me because by this point in my life I knew what Christmas and Santa was which meant I knew exactly what I wanted to ask for. ENJOY!


Razor Scooters and the Pokemon Pokedex were all the rage come the turn of the century. What says Merry Christmas more than a brand new Razor Scooter to the ankle, am I right!? Then of course you just needed a Pokedex to organize all of the Pokemon you’ve collected from the past few years.


Welcome to the new age of technology because 2001 was the year of Sony Playstation 2 and the iPod Classic. Although plenty of electronics and gaming devices have been out prior to the arrival of these two items, I believe this is where the idea of all of these household toys really took off. I still have my Playstation 2 and cherish it to this day, thank you very much.


Up next on the electronics trend we have the growing popularity of the Xbox! Then it’s time to tell Barbie to step aside because the Bratz Dolls have arrived and it’s time for Barbie to step up her fashion game. I swear I still find random snap off Bratz feet to this day.


Happy to see that in 2003 Cranium the board game made it onto the top toy list because it shows kids weren’t completely sucked into the world of electronics completely yet. Along side of the board game came the Hokey Pokey Elmo because clearly Tickle Me Elmo wasn’t creepy enough, now he can dance.


It seems like the juries out on this one and Robosapien completely took over 2004’s holiday wish lists from just about everyone. It was a huge deal at the time for kids to think they could own and control their very own robot! It was also the introduction of the iPod Mini! Yet another advancement for the electronic era.


Here comes the Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS. No escaping the electronic games now! My first Nintendo was a Nintendo DS Lite and let me tell you those were the days!


Playstation 3 and *drum roll please* it’s Wii time. 2006 was the year that gaming was revolutionized with the idea of the Nintendo Wii and more importantly, Wii Sports. The Wii was the first gaming system of it’s kind that allowed players to use their own movements within the system. The Playstation 3 was okay but I still preferred my Playstation 2.


The iPod Touch has arrived! This was actually the first ever iPod I got, and that Christmas I was BEYOND thrilled. Talk about the best time of my young little life. On top of that came the popularity of Moon Sand. The idea of the kinetic sand not making a ‘big’ mess was a huge win for parents and kids alike.


Time for you to take your singing skills to the next level because 2008 was the time to play the American Idol Talent Challenge Game. It was also the height of Wildcat fever because High School Musical EVERYTHING was out in stores after its hit premiere. Put even more musical skills to the test with the High School Musical Dance Mat.


Now let’s take a step back into our creativity with the Crayola Color Wonder Magic Brush! It was literally mess free painting for kids which was a dream for any parent that Christmas, especially those who didn’t trust their kids ‘crafting’ unsupervised. It was also the year of the Go Go Pet Hamster. Pretty sure this little guy got recalled with the wheels would get stuck in little kids hair. Fun stuff.

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