20 of The Freakiest & Strangest Phobias That You May Have

Are you one of the people on this list? Is there something specific in life that just doesn’t sit right with you? Or maybe you can’t even stand the sight of it without reeling? Let’s take a look at some rather creepier, common, and strangest phobias. See it as a test to see if you can make it through till the end.

20. Coulrophobia 

The fear of clowns. About 99.9% of the human population I believe.

19. Genuphobia 

The fear of knees. Um, right. To each their own.

18. Samhainophobia

Fear of Halloween. Welp. Just close your eyes for the next few days.

17. Verminophobia 

The fear of germs.

16. Achluophobia 

The fear of darkness.

15. Barophobia

The fear of gravity. Oh?

14. Chronophobia

The fear of time. I always find this one fascinating.

13. Atelophobia

The fear of imperfection. I understand this one.

12. Claustrophobia

The fear of small or confined spaces. Definitely me. I don’t know what it is that makes me panic. Maybe because growing up my cousins would stick me in a box and sit on top so I couldn’t get out. HMMM WONDER WHERE MY PHOBIA CAME FROM.

11. Thanatophobia

The fear of death. This use to be a huge fear of mine when I was a child and my mind could never stray from the topic once I focused on it.

10. Kinemortophobia

The fear of zombies. Well just hope you die before the apocalypse happens. What if you become a zombie then and you’re afraid of yourself. A concept.

9. Hexakosioihexekkontahexapho

Fear of the number 666.

8. Acrophobia

The fear of heights. Depends on how secure or safe I feel at said height.

7. Telephonophobia

The fear of talking on the phone. I still get anxiety having to order a pizza.

6. Catoptrophobia

The fear of mirrors. Honestly I fear more of what I might see standing behind me in a mirror. Or of one at night specifically.

5. Paraskevidekatriaphobia

The fear of Friday the 13th. Apparently 8% of people in the world have this as a severe fear. Sorry guys, but next one’s in December.

4. Ephebiphobia

Fear of teenagers. Same.

3. Venustraphobia

The fear of not all women, no no, the fear of beautiful women. Now it makes sense why so many people are afraid of me! Just kidding, seriously, I’m not that self-absorbed. Joking. Again. Don’t hate me.

2. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia

The fear of long words. Okay now that’s a good one. Say it three times fast.

1. Phobophobia

Fear of well… having a phobia. Kinda Ironic wouldn’t you say?

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