16 Crewneck Sweatshirts For Ultimate Comfort This Fall

Who doesn’t love sweater weather?? Okay, if you don’t, then don’t talk to me. Sweater Weather with leggings and some hot coffee is literally the best time of the year and honestly sometimes it doesn’t always mean adorable sweaters. Sometimes it means a funny or cute crewneck or sweatshirt to maximize that level of comfort. So I decided to compile a list of some adorably comfortable sweatshirt options (I’m biased and hate sweatshirts unless they’re crewnecks) that you can rock this fall season! Once again I will be teaming up with Amazon for this post as part of their influencers program! So if you like any of the items below, the link will be shared and also feel free to follow my Amazon Influencer account here ;).

16. Basic Witch Crewneck from NuffSaid

Image result for basic witch crewneck

For all you Basic Witches out there, lets start things off strong like a cup of coffee. To get this basic crewneck for yourself, check it out on Amazon here.

15. The Losers Club Sweatshirt from Mars NY

Image result for losers club crewneck

Join the coolest club around, just be careful I hear you’ll float too if you get it. For official inauguration into the club of Derry Maine, get your sweatshirt from Amazon here.

14. Peanuts Halloween Snoopy Woodstock BOO! Pullover Sweatshirt from Peanuts

Image result for boo peanuts crewneck

This price on this one is slightly steep for a crewneck in my opinion, but it’s because it’s from the brand and YOU CAN’T PUT A PRICE ON THIS CUTENESS. Grab this sweatshirt from Amazon here and then go find yourself a great pumpkin!

13. Witch Please from Go All Out

Go All Out Adult Witch Please Funny Halloween Sweatshirt Crewneck

We don’t deal with those mortal folk like Witch Please. Get this hilarious play on words on a crewneck for yourself from Amazon here.

12. Hocus Pocus Heads from TeesAndTankYou

Image result for sanderson sisters crewneck amazon

I don’t think I could make a proper fall post without including them. #sorry. For this adorable Sandy Sisters sweatshirt, get it on Amazon here.

11. Skeleton Rock Hand from TeesAndTankYou

Image result for rock skeleton hand crewneck amazon

I think this TeesAndTankYou company is starting to become my new favorite shop for all things cute and comfy. To rock out the spooky way for this Haloweenie szn, get this sweatshirt from Amazon here.

10. Practice Safe… What? from TeesAndTankYou

Image result for practice safe hex crewneck amazon

Okay, seriously guys, I did not know all of these adorable crewnecks were from the same company until I started to condense them all into this post. TeesAndTankYou you are ROCKIN the crewneck game! I find this one absolutely hilarious and I want it! Get yours from Amazon here.

9. Witchful Thinking from TeesAndTankYou

Image result for witchful thinking crewneck amazon

Okay maybe I should have called this post cute sweatshirts from TeesAndTankYou because like seriously guys my minds being blown right now. I live for all of these play on words puns! Get this Witchful Thinking sweatshirt on Amazon here.

8. Halloween Ugly Sweater from UGP Campus Apparel

Image result for purple halloween ugly sweater crewneck amazon

Boom. You can get two holidays out of this and wear it through the winter. Talk about killing two birds with one stone and also getting to let out your darker side for the entirety of the holiday season. For your own spooky ugly sweater, get it from Amazon here.

7. Future Ghost from TeesAndTankYou

Image result for future ghost crewneck amazon

Just ya know, to get yourself ahead of the game and prepared. To start enacting your preparedness plan, get this sweatshirt on Amazon here.

6. I’m Not Perky Wednesday Addams Quote from TeesAndTankYou

Image result for im not perky crewneck amazon

Are we even surprised of the maker at this point? Anyways, to channel your inner Wednesday Addams and until you find yourself a color darker than black, get this frightfully un-perky ugly sweater from Amazon here.

5. Bitey Babe from TeesAndTankYou

TeesAndTankYou Bitey Babe Sweatshirt Unisex

From now on I know where to look for sweatshirts. Anyways check out this subtle little remark of a sweatshirt and get yourself one on Amazon here.

4. Bad & Boooooujee from TeesAndTankYou

Image result for bitey babe crewneck amazon

Welp, I’ve been spelling Boujee wrong this entire time on my blog. That’s it, I quit. Okay, well, not really, but I love this boo-tiful sweatshirt. For one of your own, find it on Amazon here.

3. Don’t Judge A Spellbook from TeesAndTankYou

Image result for dont judge a spellbook teesandtankyou

Never judge a book but it’s cover, but never ever judge a spellbook by it’s cover. Ya never know what may occur. Get this cute Halloween twist on a classic saying from Amazon here.

2. Team Stranger Things TeesAndTankYou

For everyone out there who, like my mother, loves Hopper the most out of the Stranger Things gang or maybe you’re more of a Billy fan like me or maybe something about Steve’s floppy hair makes you feel right, show your devotion properly with these great sweatshirt from Amazon here (Hopper) and here (Billy) and here (Steve).

1. Hey Ghoul Hey! from TeesAndTankYou

TeesAndTankYou Hey Ghoul Hey Sweatshirt Unisex

Adorable way to end things off. Also a great way to greet friends during this time of year! Get one of these sweatshirts for yourself ghoulfriend! (Aka find it here on Amazon)

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