Fall Decorations at Magic Kingdom with Pumpkin Spice! 08/21/19

Spooky SZN has arrived in Magic Kingdom! Check out our day at Magic Kingdom with our long awaited Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Spice!!

I love fall, it is definitely my favorite season and time of year (besides Christmas). Even though it clearly isn’t technically fall yet (the heat would prove that enough), all of Orlando has taken Disney’s lead and hop right into the Halloween season. Magic Kingdom has already had its first Halloween party and I am so excited to say I get to go to one tomorrow before I move home!! Since I had the day off and I won’t be going to the Halloween party until it gets dark tomorrow, I decided to go check out all of the fall decor during the day time in Magic Kingdom. It’s really crazy to think I hadn’t actually gone to Magic Kingdom in months!

Overall the decor per usual was adorable. They definitely have a LOT more Halloween merchandise this year, a lot of which I feel wasn’t at Disney Springs either. They also have some really cool Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary merchandise! I did splurge and buy myself the Hocus Pocus book bag because I have no self control (and mainly because I can’t wait to rock that thing around Salem!).

Once it started to sprinkle out a little (we seriously lucked out with weather yesterday it didn’t actually rain rain at all!), we grabbed lunch at Skipper Canteen because it is one of my favorite sit down restaurants in a park! The great thing about Skippers is the food is amazing, but its also not your typical park food because all the items are comprised of “things you found on the journey through Jungle Cruise” so it has a very Asian, African twist of things. Plus the prices are amazing for the quality and amount of food you get! (Also Cast Members get a bomb discount just sayin). We also got to ride Haunted Mansion because it is my favorite ride and I haven’t rode it in forever! Then lastly before we tapped out, we met Gaston because what better way to end a day? That line was agonizing though because it was literally direct sunlight and it was HOT. I probably looked like a sweaty mess meeting him.

Overall it was definitely a spooky fun-filled day and I definitely cannot wait for the Halloween Party tomorrow!!

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