Cast Member Lingo!

So I have noticed multiple times throughout the Facebook pages that many people get confused when they see different Cast Member acronyms or terms. It can be confusing at first to understand all the Disney lingo at first or even while you are in the applying stages! I decided to make a little list of the basic terms that Disney College Program participants and Cast Members use to give you a little idea in what the heck we are talking about! Enjoy!

DCP- Disney College Program (used to refer to participants aka DCPs)

ICP- International College Program (Same as above with ICPs)

PI- Phone Interview or Professional Internship 

NLIC- No Longer In Consideration (someone has been declined from the program)

Submission or Applied- in a standstill in the application process awaiting further instructions

CM- Cast Member

DU- Disney University 

Guests- all visitors of the Disney Parks and Resorts

ADO- Approved Day Off

RDO- Requested Day Off

10/10- Quick bathroom break while on the clock

West Clock- the bus station that takes Magic Kingdom Cast Members to the Magic Kingdom Cast Member entrance

QSFB- Quick Service Food and Beverage

Disney Point- always direct with two fingers or the whole hand! 

On-Stage- Anywhere a guest can see you

Off-Stage- Cast Member only non-guest areas

ER- Early Release from work 

Bump Out- It is the end of your work shift, go clock out!

MK- Magic Kingdom

DAK- Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The Poly- The Polynesian Resort

Grand Flo- The Grand Floridian

FoF- Festival of Fantasy

HEA- Happily Ever After 

MM- Magical Moment

Maingate- Cast Member issued Park Pass

Guest Pass- Company issued passes for family members of friends of a Cast Member

BBB/PL- Bibbity Bobbity Boutique/ Pirate’s League

TTC- Transportation and Ticket Center

On Property- Anything, anywhere on Disney Property

PAC Shift- Parade Audience Control Shift

DVC- Disney Vacation Club

Extra Magic Hours- Extended park hours for on-property guests only

MNSSHP- Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

MVMCP- Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Traditions- The first day of Disney Training and the best day ever

Termed- Fired from the Disney College Program due to improper Cast Member conduct or actions

Here are just a couple to help you start off your Disney journey no matter what stage you are currently in! There may be an eventual part 2 if more come to my mind!



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