DCP Spotlight: Christy, from Leaning Palms to Live! With Kelly & Ryan

Lights, Camera, ACTION! Today’s DCP Spotlight is going to take you from the Orlando college program to the Big Apple itself! Meet my good friend Christy! We worked together for a short time before she moved on to Food & Beverage at Typhoon Lagoon. Over the course of our program we were able to stay in touch because we were neighbors! Literally, we shared a wall. After many long days of work, I would find myself in her apartment at 1am exchanging crazy stories from the day! Thanks to the DCP, now Christy has an amazing Professional Internship in New York, working on the set of Live! With Kelly & Ryan! But, enough about my explaining, I’ll let her do the talking!

Name: Christy Gomez

Home State: New York

College/Major: Communications

When did you do the program?

Spring 2017

Did you get accepted your first time applying? 


What was your role/location?

Quick Service Food & Beverage at Frontierland/Typhoon Lagoon

Any little piece of application advice you can give?

Don’t join the Facebook groups until you get in. Reading everyone else’s acceptance stories while you’re still waiting are strenuous.

How did you feel getting accepted?

Surprised but excited!

How did you like your initial program?

I loved it! A good change of pace for a semester.

How did it feel to be working in Disney?

I felt really proud to be working for a company I’ve admired for so long.

Did you extend your program?


Did you leave the company once the program ended or did you stay on?

I left!

When did you apply for your PI?

October 2017

Did you get your PI the first time applying?

Yes for the one I got, but I had applied to many others I was rejected from.

What is your current PI and location?

Live! With Kelly & Ryan in New York.

Do you like it?

Yes! Its amazing!! My days are so busy and crazy but its so fun.

Do you believe the Disney College Program helped you get where you are today?

Absolutely! I was interviewed by one of the producers on the show, Ed, and the first thing he asked me when he looked at my resume was “So you’ve worked at Disney?” Which lead into a long conversation about it and how what I learned there would contribute to Live!.

What advice do you have for those hoping to have a future with the company?

Don’t let rejection phase you, because I’ve been trying to get into ABC for years, and told probably everyone at the DCP I wanted to work there, applied so many times and never got in. This opportunity was so unexpected so you never know where you’ll find your way in!

Funny Guest Story?

A guest at Typhoon Lagoon yelling at me because her husband was diabetic and he couldn’t eat anything on our menu.

Best Guest Moment?

When I complimented a guest’s pin and she gave it  to me because I was a “good cast member” and she thought I deserved it.

Best part of the program?

Being local to Disney for a few months was amazing because living so far away from it its a treat just to go for a week, and the experiences I’ve had with the people down there are unlike anything else. 

What do you look forward to in the future with the company?

I really want to have my own show on ABC and continue to produce with the company, and one day work on a Disney movie.

There ya have it folks! From starting her Disney Journey in the Disney College Program, it allowed Christy to follow and start to achieve bigger dreams of hers! Good Luck Christy! I can’t wait to visit you at some point and continue our gossip sessions through Facebook messenger haha. Another DCP Spotlight will be coming soon!

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