DCP Spotlight: Miranda, from Jungle Skipper to Guest Relations

I decided to start this blog series to showcase some amazing people I met while on my program and what they’re doing within the Disney Company now. I want this to be almost like a where are they now series, and to show all the future DCPs what opportunities the Program has to offer! The Program is a gateway, your foot in the door, working for the company of your dreams. I wanted to create this series to show everyone that no matter where you start, as long as you work hard and aim to achieve your goals you can move up within the company! This could be the start of a very successful future for you!

My first DCP Spotlight participant was actually one of my roommates during my program! Meet Miranda! She started her Disney Journey as a Vacation Planner on her first program! After completely her second program (with me) as a Jungle Skipper, she then moved on to a Disney Professional Internship wearing the Disney-famous plaid! She was accepted into the competitive Guest Relations Internship! Now enough of my doing the explaining, I decided it would be best to hear the stories from the sources themselves so I came up with a few questions for all participants in the spotlight to answer! Enjoy!

Name: Miranda

Home State: PA

College/Major: University of South Carolina – Hospitality Management – Graduated in December 2016

When did you do the program? My first program was in the Spring Advantage Program in 2015.

Did you get accepted your first time applying? Yes!

What was your role/location? I was in Vacation Planning at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

Did you do a second program? If so what was your role/location? I did a second program in Spring 2017 as a Jungle Skipper!

Any little piece of application advice you can give? I think my best piece of advice is to not let your nerves get the best of you! Be confident in yourself, smile, and have a good time! Listen to some music before your interview, eat some chocolate, and relax.

How did you feel getting accepted? Elated! It was my dream to work for this company and I couldn’t believe I was getting that opportunity.

How did you like your initial program? I loved it! I have so many cherished memories from my first program. I had so much fun with my new friends and I also learned a lot. The DCP also really helped to improve my resume, which is always a plus.

How did it feel to be working in Disney? Is it cheesy to say magical? The program definitely had a magical feel to it. However, those long shifts did feel not so magical at times.

Did you extend your program? Nope!
Did you leave the company once the program ended or did you stay on? I left the company after my first program and went back to school! After I graduated, I did my second College Program and then I did my Professional Internship in Guest Relations right after that (Fall 2017).

When did you apply for your PI? I think it was in January 2017 when I applied! I had just started my Spring 2017 program when I applied.

Did you get your PI the first time applying? No, I did not, which is why it is so important to not give up! I applied for the Guest Relations PI and the Park Operations MI when I applied for the Spring 2017 College Program. I made it to the panel interviews for the MI, but I sadly did not get it. I didn’t even get an interview for the Guest Relations PI that time! I applied again for the Fall 2017 Guest Relations PI and I decided to not apply for any MIs because I felt like they actually weren’t the right fight for me. I was lucky enough to get selected for the Guest Relations PI for Fall 2017!

What is your current PI and location? My PI just ended, but I was Guest Relations at the Magic Kingdom

Do you like it?  It was a dream role for me and I can’t believe I got the opportunity to work in Guest Relations! I learned A LOT about the company and myself during this internship. I really enjoyed my PI experience.

Do you believe the Disney College Program helped you get where you are today? Absolutely! I feel like I wouldn’t be where I am without the DCP.

What advice do you have for those hoping to have a future with the company? I think my best piece of advice would be to take risks and to network! If you are doing a College Program and you know you what your dream role is in the company, talk to your Leaders. Leaders are a great resource for you and can help you network!

Best part of the program? My favorite part of my program was the fact I was in a role where I could create so much magic for Guests.

What do you look forward to in the future with the company? I look forward to growing within the company and becoming a better Cast Member as I learn more!

There ya have it folks! I hope you enjoyed the first edition of the DCP Spotlight! Miranda did an amazing job answering the questions in an insightful and thoughtful manner! I hope it inspires everyone to follow their dreams!


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