DCP Spotlight: Abby, from Cowgirl to Cruise Line Children Activities

Time to Set Sail for Adventure with this edition of the DCP Spotlight! Meet Abby, she went from rodeoing around the Wild West to becoming a pirate on the High Seas! Abby was a friend and coworker of mine during my program! She worked in Frontierland Food & Beverage making the best churros and chicken nuggets the wild west has to offer! After deciding to extend her program she decided to step out of her comfort zone to start a new adventure and expand her Disney Journey! She was hired to work in Children Activities on the Disney Cruise Line and is currently sailing around the caribbean living a pirates dream! Here is her story…

Name: Abby Bolander

College: Arkansas University of Central Arkansas: theatre major and then turned into education

Program Date: Spring 2017

Did you get in the first time you applied?

2nd time applying

What was your role/location?

Stands West Magic Kingdom turned into Frontierland Foods

Any advice for the application process? 

Be yourself on the application, be very positive and emphasize how you are good with all kinds of different people and comfortable in stressful situations.

How did you feel when you got accepted?


Did you like your program?

I absolutely loved my program and the company I extended through the summer!

Did you apply for a second program? 

Afterwards I stayed on part time while applying and interviewing for my current job with DCL.

Do you believe the DCP helped you when applying for your current position? 

I absolutely think doing the DCP helped me get my current position! Working for Disney opens so many doors both inside and outside the company. Take any opportunity you get and don’t waste it.

Funny guest story? 

One time a guest pointed at Splash Mountain and completely seriously asked me if it was the castle.

Best part of the program?

Best part of the program is absolutely the people you meet and the friends you make. I made the best friends I’ve ever had while on my program.

Do you plan to stay with the company in the future? 

I don’t know what my future with the company will hold but I’m excited to see the opportunities that arise!

Just another great example of how doing the Disney College Program can really set your Disney Journey into high gears! Dreams do come true and starting at the bottom only leads to future success!

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