Update: New Instagram Account!

Hello Everyone! I know I just uploaded my Disneyland post, but I would like to apologize for being so MIA. Two words: Senior Thesis. It has completely taken over my semester! I haven’t really had much time for anything else. But now that I am on break, and the holidays are basically over, I’m back! I plan to continue this blog and who knows I might have an announcement soon about another program in the near future! For anyone curious (You’re probably not but I’ll tell you anyways), my senior thesis is all about Disney World and how Cast Members have a huge responsibility in creating Guest Satisfaction! So while I wasn’t writing about Disney on here, I was writing about Disney for school! Talk about a fun topic!

ANYWAYS the main reason I decided to create this update post was to inform everyone of my new Instagram page! I decided to make a public Instagram account, where I can post highlights from my program! I did this to add to the excitement for future CPs as well as give them some insight on what’s coming their way! I also created it to encourage people to apply because it really is the experience of a lifetime!

Happy New Years Everyone!

Please Follow!! Instagram: @toriastalesofdisney

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