Disney College Program Q&A

Hello Everyone! I haven’t posted that much recently because I have been working on a project that I am finally excited to share with all of you! Just a few quick updates first, I recently went to Disneyland and I will be posting a video and a blog post about my time there (it was amazing). Second, this video I am sharing with you guys today is a Question and Answer video about the DCP in general. I tried to come up with questions that covered the program as a whole but would still be insightful. I put the idea out there to some of my friends who I did the program with; a couple offered to help me with it so instead of just answering all the questions myself, we worked together to get answers from all different viewpoints and roles!

I think this is my first vlog where I’m not talking to everyone from the parks (sorry if I’m a little awkward). I put this video together to give future DCPs a little more info about the program and or to help encourage others to apply! I know the video is a little longer than normal, but I really wanted to be as insightful and helpful to future applicants as possible. This is also the first time I’ve made a video with other people’s videos that they’ve sent in to me so I’m sorry if the editing or volume is a little off.One of my friends in the video participated in the International College Program so she gives some insightful tips on being an International Student in the Program and how things are done differently. Overall I’m excited to share the video with you all and I hope people find it useful!

PS- I also really want to thank my friends who were able to find the free time to help me with this video and even to the ones who couldn’t contribute but helped me construct questions you all rock!

Video: Toria’s Tales of Disney: DCP Q&A

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