Hello Everyone! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s finally time! I am currently writing this post from Coronado Springs Resort in Walt Disney World! I received my itinerary a few days ago and my check in at Chatham Square (our top housing choice!) is at 9am tomorrow morning. I can’t believe after three months it’s finally time to start my adventure. I am also excited to announce that I will be working at the Magic Kingdom in Adventureland and Frontierland!

As many of you probably already know my parents and I DROVE from Boston all the way to Orlando without stopping! We made record timing at just under 20 hours. Below I posted the link to my first ever video on my new YouTube page! Feel free to subscribe and follow my channel for future videos to further follow along with my adventures! I will also be posting videos on here as much as I can. The video below shows my trip down south (sorry it might be a little boring). I promise the future videos will be a little more entertaining!

Lastly, over the past few days I have been able to meet two of my roommates so far (shoutout to Miranda & Sabrina), and I can’t wait to meet everyone else tomorrow!

Link to my first video: Toria’s Tales of Disney Blog 1: Traveling

Link to my YouTube page to subscribe: Toria’s Tales of Disney

4 Replies to “Update!”

  1. Victoria. So excited for you
    I haven’t read it yet but I know I’m going to enjoy every bit of it 🎈
    We just arrived and are at the distribution in (West Palm )center to pick up our car….it’s here waiting for us.
    It made it down in slow transport time…5 days. Not the Speedy Gonzales like you guys!!!!
    Next chsllange will be to connect to your site
    Wishing you a basket full of sunshiny kisses
    Love Auntie Ellen
    Keep the info coming❤️❤️❤️
    Now how do I send this


  2. Hi Victoria,
    Even though I am your Dad, I am constantly amazed by your creative abilities and your family is very proud of you ! I know this will be a great experience for you so work hard, learn, be safe but make sure you take the time to enjoy the experience.


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