Disney Bucket List

Hello again! Since the date is quickly approaching (It still doesn’t feel real) I think its time to talk about the Disney Bucket List or MY Disney Bucket List. I know many of you reading this are probably saying “seriously, hasn’t she done everything Disney related?”, but Disney holds so many opportunities that even a fanatic like me hasn’t done everything! One thing I’ve noticed that most participants of the college program do is make a bucket list; this involves writing down all of the things they want to do during their program and accomplish as much as they can in their spare time.

So below I decided to post my personal bucket list of things I would love to do during my program. I’ll try to edit the list as much as I can and check off what I’ve done! (I will be writing a separate post about A Disney FOOD Bucket List because it deserves it’s own list)

Disney College Program Bucket List

1. Get into the Disney College Program (CHECK)

2. Get a kitchen sink with my roommates (CHECK)

3. Mail a letter from inside the Magic Kingdom

4. Get Mickey Ears with the program start date on it (CHECK)

5. Go to all four parks in 1 day

6. See each park at rope drop

7. See the tunnels under the Magic Kingdom (CHECK)

8. Go to Blizzard Beach (Never Been)

9. Surf at Typhoon Lagoon

10. Attend Dapper Day

11. Go to every Disney resort

12. Go to Harry Potter World

13. Go to a park by myself (CHECK)

14. Go to a park and don’t go on any rides (CHECK)

15. Stay in a park from open until close

16. See every parade and show

17. Mini Golf in Disney

18. Go to a Disney Spa

19. Do the VoluntEARS Program

20. Buy Disney pins (CHECK)

21. Stage a photo on Splash Mountain

22. Make an adventure book

23. Meet Gaston (CHECK)

24. Go to Disneyland

25. Go on a Disney Cruise

26. Go on a Carriage Ride at Fort Wilderness or Port Orleans

27. Disneybound at least once

28. Participate in run Disney (It’s happening on April 21st!)

29. Go on a trial ride at Fort Wilderness

30. Take one of the Disney Tour

31. See Beauty and the Beast at the Downtown Disney AMC Theater (CHECK)

32. photo shoot in a park (CHECK)

33. Get my hair cut at the Magic Kingdom Barber Shop (Maybe??)

34. Go to a campfire at a Disney Resort

35. Take an Archery Lesson at Fort Wilderness

36. Go Parasailing or Tubing in the Seven Seas Lagoon

37. Go to a Housing Event/Park Excursion/Backstage Ride Tour (Basically all the DCP has to offer!) (CHECKKKK)


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