Roommates cont.

So now that you’ve found your future roommates (or even if you haven’t), it’s time for you to choose housing. The Housing/Roommate email will be sent out around 3 weeks before the start of your program. The email will have a link that will direct you to the Disney DORMS website, and from there you will click on Housing Registration. The most important thing you should know if you want to select your roommates is PICK A GROUP LEADER. This is extremely important because the group leader must do the housing registration before everyone else! (I’ll go into more detail about this farther down)

The process is pretty simple. First it will have you electronically sign forms that mainly have to do with understanding that underaged drinking is illegal and no damage will be done to the apartments. After it will ask you whether you are feeling adventurous (going random for roommates) or you know who you want your roommates to be. The number of roommates you can ‘link’ with depends on when your check in date is. For example my check in date is the second one available in January (the 17th) so I have the ability to link up with up to 5 other girls. But people who have the February 6th check-in date may only be able to link up with one other person because housing will basically be almost full by then.

Now if you’ve been chosen to be the group leader like I was, here’s what your job is. You are basically in charge of linking everyone together and picking housing for all of your roommates. It might sound overwhelming, but it’s actually very simple. In the initial housing email everyone will get an ID number, make sure to write everyone’s number down! Once you get to the roommate selection page it will ask you for everyones ID numbers, if filled in correctly all of your roommate’s names should pop up. Once everything is set and all of your roommates are linked it’s time to select housing.

Depending on how many roommates you have, the system will show you all the possible housing options your group has. For my group there are 6 of us so we were given about 8 options. The options vary from tripling up in a two-bedroom, doubling up in a three-bedroom, or joining two other people in an 8-person apartment. Attached to each option is the housing complex each apartment resides in. At this time you will rank each option from top preference to least. Once that is done you will be shown a page that overviews all the information you just submitted. I suggest looking over it to assure there are no errors. When you feel that everything is correct it’s time to submit!

Now that the group leader has successfully gone through registration, all of the roommates that were linked should receive an email confirming the link. This is the email the roommates should use to accept the linking and fill out their paperwork. Using the original housing email’s URL link before the group leader has finished could mess up the system and ultimately mess up your housing.

Overall Disney stresses that it can never fully assure everything will work out perfectly in terms of housing and linking. From all the articles and posts I’ve read so far though this linking system seems to work out in most situation!

Now that I’ve selected my roommates and my housing, it’s only a matter of time until the start of my program! I can barely contain my excitement! Once my program starts and I know where I’m living, I will write a post specifically about the different housing options and apartment complexes.



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