Disney Classes Part 2

Now that I’ve already told you the informational piece to understanding Disney Classes, it’s time to talk about how you sign up for them. Let me start by saying that signing up for a Disney Class can be complete madness, so what better way to describe the process than through disney gifs?

One email is what starts the process. You’ll receive an email from Disney about signing up for classes a couple weeks before the selection day. This is the first email you’ll receive from Disney in a while so you’re probably going to be really excited when it comes in, I know I was!  Also how could you not be excited by the idea of taking a Disney related class, run by Disney facilitators, in Disney!? Now first things first the email will tell you the date and time that classes will open for sign ups. For Spring 2017 sign up day was November 16th at 12:00pm. PUT THE SIGN UP DATE INTO YOUR CALENDAR. I cannot stress this enough! Put a reminder on your phone if you can! I would have completely forgotten about signing up had it not been for my phone reminding me 15 minutes before classes opened. Next step is to definitely research the classes available and decide what would be the best fit for you!

Now let it be known all the classes open for sign up at the same time, for EVERYONE IN THE PROGRAM. So you can probably imagine what it will be like having six thousand people trying to sign up for a limited amount of class space all at once. The DORMS website is certainly not made to have all students trying to access it at once so expect it to crash on you multiple times. But as long as you mentally prepare yourself ahead of time and know where your refresh page button is you should be ready to go!

So this is how my process went just to give you all an idea of what to expect (with some tips along the way)! So after my phone buzzed at 11:45 reminding me I had 15 minutes until selection began I immediately got my computer ready. tumblr_lvsy9skmyt1qm6oc3o1_500
First step is to find a quiet place to sit down with good internet connection. One tip is to definitely be logged in and have the page OPEN before the start time. If you wait until the start time odds are the website wont load for a little because of the sudden rush of DCPs attempting to get on it.

Once 12 came around I clicked on the education section of DORMs and it asked me to pick giphy-3which program I was selecting classes for (Spring 2017). This was the first time the website crashed on me. At first I panicked but as the crashing continued to occur through the process an idea popped into my head. I opened two tabs both on the DORMs sign up page so while one crashed I would click on the other. When the other crashed the first one was already reloaded and working again!

Once I made it past the first page it asks if I am trying to take a collegiate class for credit towards my college. They ask this to try and place people who really need to college credit into collegiate classes first. So after I said no and tried clicking to the next page that would list all the seminars the website crashed once again. Every time the page reloaded I would always get one step closer to be enrolled in a class and the website would crash all over again. So once the page refreshed and I got past the collegiate credit page to see all the seminar options listed out for me. I selected the Disney Hospitality & Guest Services giphy-4Seminar (because I’m a Hospitality Major) and clicked add to cart. Crashed. Reload. Luckily the website saves your spot and keeps your spot in the class even if the website crashes on you (I was so nervous the page would reload and the seminar I wanted would be full). The next page listed all the collegiate courses which to my shock were already all full! This was about two to five minutes after selection started! So my suggestion would be make sure you are ready if tumblr_mpxxf9rgvi1r1mr1po1_500you plan on signing up for a collegiate class because they fill up fast, seminars and other classes don’t go quite as quickly. After trying to skip over this page the website crashed yet again. After that came the professional development opportunities which I simply clicked next to since my major did not apply to the options available. Then of course the website crashed tumblr_msjxy5kbel1s9qf9ro1_500once again…you could sense the annoyance I was feeling by now. Last came asking if I was interesting in applying for Distance Learning. Since I am taking an online class during my winter semester instead of during the program I didn’t need to apply. After another crash then having to go through each page again for the third (or fourth?) time I was finally sent to my “cart.” In it was the one seminar class I signed up for. They call it a cart because collegiate class students pay for their textbooks as well as sign up for their classes at the same time. So once I hit charlotte-from-the-princess-and-the-frog-excitedsubmit and after another agonizing crash it finally confirmed my registration! I am now officially part of the Disney Hospitality & Guest Services Monday Seminar from 11-1! As soon as I saw the confirmation I was extremely excited! And relieved. As stressful as the situation was it was extremely worth it because I knew a lot of people weren’t able to get into the classes they wanted. My (hopefully!) future roommates and I kept a group chat going the entire time so we could all share how frazzled we were trying to get into the classes we wanted. What I understood from hearing about other’s experiences was as long as you go to the website on time odds are you will get into the class that you want! Most of my roommates were able to get into the classes of their choosing and as annoying as the website crashing can be, don’t stress about it
tumblr_m414kqcoq81qawj3ybecause its happening to everyone else too! If worst comes to worse and you don’t get into the class of your choosing there is a second term while you’re on your program that allows students to sign up for classes again! The other option is to be waitlisted and see if someone drops out of a class last minute. So no matter what there is still a chance to experience taking a class/seminar in Disney! I would say all the seminars were completely full within an hour after registration so try to get on the website as soon as you canGood Luck!!



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