10 Things You’ll Remember On Valentine’s Day In School If You Were A 90s/00s Kid

*sigh* Awwww Valentine’s Day. A time of romance and half off candy the next day. I personally like the 15th better solely for the candy. Besides that fact, I was having a hard time making a short title for this post because I wanted to take it back to what Valentine’s Day use to be like in elementary school. The reason why I turned this into a throwback post though is because I have been told that Valentine’s Day can’t be celebrated like it use to in schools. Apparently parents and kids are too worried about getting feelings hurt than just appreciating some free candy from your classmates. ANYWAYS, let’s dive into some nostalgic things from Valentine’s Day in elementary school if you were a 90s/00s kid.

10. Picking The Perfect Valentine’s Day Cards

The one rule when it came to everyone handing out Valentine’s to the class was EVERYONE GOT A VALENTINE. It didn’t matter if you had a raging rivalry or not, everyone got the same number of cards. But that didn’t mean our little minds didn’t find our way around these rules. Oh you don’t like her? She gets the lamest card of the batch with the smallest sticker. Your BFF? She gets an extra lollipop. Your crush? Draw a little heart next to their name with an extra sticker. Boom. Small child loopholes.

9. The Valentine’s With Sticker Packs OR Activities

Slightly touched upon above, when it came to picking out the PERFECT set of Valentine’s for your class, there was a number of things that had to be taken into consideration. One of course being if each card came with their own individual stickers ORRR if they came with a cool set of stickers to seal the cards with. Can’t look drab for the Valentine’s exchange especially if you’re name was going to be under the ‘From:’ line.

8. The Valentine’s That Came With A Lollipop

If you were extra good at convincing your parents that year, you would sometimes get to become the class favorite by showing up with the Valentine’s that each had their own lollipop attached to them. I remember there was one year where a huge controversy broke out when people were only giving ‘some’ classmates lollipops. Not good.

7. Conversation Hearts

Who doesn’t love the taste of slightly minty chalk am I right? Not going to lie, I actually love conversation hearts (don’t @ me okay, I’m a bland person I get it). We even use to play a game where the first heart you took out of the box would predict what your crush would say to you on Valentine’s Day. A saucy game to play for any elementary schooler. They also have been re-released so they’re not gone for good! Nice try to the lame people who tried to hate them into extinction.

6. THESE Lollipops Specifically

They kinda tasted like cherry, they kinda tasted like medicine, but in reality they really only tasted like the paper stick they were attached to. Yet everyone still ate them anyways and loved when the white mark from the pop came off on your tongue (Elementary school tongue tat life).

5. Probably Waking Up To These Chocolate Boxes

Everyone wanted one for Valentine’s Day and everyone got excited when they got one of these like 1$ bad boys, but did anyone ACTUALLY eat them? Usually I’d get one and my parents would let me have like one piece, but honestly one piece was usually enough because this chocolate tasted pretty gross. Guess it’s the thought that counts.

4. Cutting Hearts Out Of Construction Paper Like This

When it came to family and loved ones, the only proper way to showcase your love for them was by making a work-of-art, homemade Valentine’s Day card. It usually included folding construction paper in tow then cutting it to make the perfect paper heart. Or if you were feeling extra fancy, you could weave construction paper hearts together to create a true artistic wonder.

3. Cinnamon Hearts

The only candy that could make your eyes water in pain, yet you’d still continue to eat. Crush starts talking to another person in class after card handouts? Eat some cinnamon hearts and claim the tears are from the spice.

2. Giving Your Crush An EXTRA Valentine OR A “Special” One

If you were a little extra sneaky or could feign off the ‘whoops how did that happen’ look, then you’d sneak your crush an EXTRA Valentine on the big day. This way you knew they HAD to extra think about you and who knows maybe they gave you two back.

1. Valentine’s Day Mailbox Contests

I remember one of the best contests of the year was when it came time to make Valentine’s Day mailboxes. Basically the only rule was you needed a slot for the cards, the rest was up to you (your parents) imagination. I wish I had pictures of the creations we use to make (back BEFORE they banned voting and just let everyone win, lame). I remember one year specifically, my parents helped me make a giant castle out of boxes and the drawbridge was my slot for my cards. I even had Cinderella and Prince Charming Polly Pockets greeting the cards out front as they entered. Yet I still didn’t win that year (not still salty about it or anything).

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  1. I use to love Valentine’s Day in elementary school! We’d make a day of it giving cards, candy, and socializing. It was fun to make our box’s too and it took forever to pick which card would go to who. Haha, oh memory lane.

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