10 Easy Reads You Should Read To Get Into The Spooky Spirit

Feeling like sitting down with a nice relaxing spooky read? Welp, I got you covered! I compiled a list of some great easy reads that will definitely get you in the spooky spirit without taking up too much of your time!

10. Hocus Pocus & The All New Sequel by A.W. Jantha

Image result for hocus pocus and the all-new sequel

I haven’t read it yet but you can easily find this book all over Salem and I’m sure in your local bookstore! Set 25 years in the future, Max and Allison are married and it’s their daughters turn to accidentally unleash the Sanderson Sisters on Salem all over again! To read the book for yourself, you can purchase it on Amazon here.

9. The Witches by Roald Dahl

A little boy is taught by his Grandma that witches are real, dangerous, and absolutely hate kids. So what happens when he comes face to face with one himself? That’s up to you to find out! For this classic Dahl read, you can purchase it on Amazon here.

8. BOO… and I MEAN it! Junie B. Jones #24 by Barbara Parks & Denise Brunkus

BOO! Did I get ya there? Well I sure got Junie B. Jones because I heard shes scared of Halloween! Take a little trip into the imagination of Junie B. Jones and all of her hilarious reasons as to why she is afraid of trick-or-treating as well as her candy corn addiction (I feel that one on a personal level). To purchase this easy page turner for yourself, it can be purchased on Amazon here.

7. Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

The thing I find so fascinating about this series is it incorporates real vintage photos and intertwines them into it’s chilling take. When a boy finds a mysterious island with an orphanage, things take a turn for the strange. To purchase the first good in this series, it can be found on Amazon here.

6. Haunted Castle on Hallows Even (Magic Tree House #30) by Mary Pope Osborne

Ugh wow what a great classic. I loved the Magic Tree House series and I remember reading this book as a kid! Follow along the adventures of two siblings who have, well, a magic tree house that is able to transport them to different time periods throughout history! To purchase this book in the series specifically, you can find it on Amazon here.

5. American Girl Mysteries

I think I seriously have to make a full post dedicated to why I believe American Girl Dolls and their Brand are so important to girls growing up. But for now I will just focus on this one piece of their amazing stories. They have a line of Mystery books based off their historic doll line. These mysteries each take place in different time periods throughout history and not only revolve around something specific from each time period, but are a great learning tool at the same time! I decided to connect links to one mystery book from each girl’s time period. Each historic girl has multiple mystery books, but I decided to start you all off by selecting which time period you prefer and go from there!

A Samantha Mystery from Amazon here.
A Molly Mystery from Amazon here.
A Kit Mystery from Amazon here.
A Kaya Mystery from Amazon here.
A Julie Mystery from Amazon here.
A Josefina Mystery from Amazon here.
A Kirsten Mystery from Amazon here.
A Caroline Mystery from Amazon here.
A Felicity Mystery from Amazon here.
A Addie Mystery from Amazon here.
A Marie Grace Mystery from Amazon here.
A Melody Mystery from Amazon here.
A Maryellen Mystery from Amazon here.
A Nanea Mystery form Amazon here.
A Rebecca Mystery from Amazon here.

4. Black Lagoon Adventures by Mike Thaler

I loved these books back in the day! I always found it so funny how relatable it was in a strange way. The author does an amazing job taking children’s thought processes about school, twisting it, and making it hilariously scary! To purchase books 1-10 for yourself, they can be found on Amazon here.

3. Coraline by Neil Gaiman

This. Movie. Still. Freaks. Me. Out. I started the book then got ahead of myself and watched the movie then refused to finish the book. Ain’t no second mother getting near me with no buttons. It’s also a little sad because the entire book is basically about a neglected girl moving into a strange new house and the adventures divulge from there. To purchase this chilling read for yourself, it can be found on Amazon here.

2. Goosebumps Books by R. L. Stine

THERE ARE JUST SO MANY. My cousin use to have so many of these books, but I would mainly avoid them like the plague because the covers alone were enough to freak me out! I did watch the TV series for a little while though back in the day (that was eerie too). I give R. L. Stine some props for basically being the Stephen King of kids books. To purchase series/volume 1 for yourself, it can be found on Amazon here.

1. Scary Stories To Read In The Dark (I, II, III) by Alvin Schwartz

Image result for scary stories to tell in the dark book

NOW TIME FOR THE MOST CHILLING OF THEM ALL. I swear I can still remember every detail from some of these short stories, that is just how much they scarred me for life as a child. Like the images alone haunted my dreams more than Goosebumps did and the stories just made everything WORSE. When a teacher whipped out one of these books in school, I knew I wasn’t sleeping that week. To terrify yourself, you can find the box set of all three books on Amazon here.

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