15 Halloween Memories You Definitely Have If You Were A 90s/00s Kid

HELLO MY SPOOKY PALS. It is OFFICIALLY~ (for all my early halloween starting haters out there) Spooky SZN. October 1st is that beautiful time of the year where you see a black cat, feel an extra chill when you’re alone, and scare yourself half to death with scary movies/stories. What a time to be alive. To start things off properly, I decided to bring it back a notch. My goal is to post every day in the month of October, and upload as many videos as I can pertaining to the spookiness in the air. My first post here is dedicated to the Halloweens of times past. I hope this this toil toil boil and bubbles up some nostalgic memories! Enjoy.

15. These Pumpkin Carving Kits (That Actually Kinda Sucked)

Anyone else actually try to cut into a pumpkin with ANY of these things?! Or even worse, once your parents got out a real knife and cut it for you, did you attempt to scoop the seeds out with that no-traction-whatsoever scooper? Tough times.

14. Halloween Cereal

The Apple Jacks and Lucky Charms Halloween themed boxes really hit home for me. I don’t know why I remember these the most, but I do. The Count Chocula ones were year round so they weren’t special enough to come to love.

13. UNICEF Boxes

Image result for 00s unicef boxes halloween

Every year in school our teachers would give us a big speech about the importance of giving back to the community and every year I would feel so proud to receive that UNICEF box. I would tell myself I would get the most money to help all the kids. Then what would happen? I would forget to bring it when I went trick or treating.

12. TP And Egging Houses

For my town this wasn’t a huge issue and when people first thought of TPing they mainly thought of PowderPuff (a story for another time). But I always loved people thinking they were so cool in movies when they egged a house.

11. Life-size Monster Wall Hangs

Use to hang this creepy skeleton in my house every year, I tried so dang hard to find an exact picture of it and I couldn’t. These things use to scare the crap out of me until I watched The Nightmare Before Christmas and learned that monsters could be friendly too.

10. McDonald’s Halloween Buckets

I USE TO HAVE ONE OF THESE EVERY YEAR. I think my mom liked the novelty because lets be real this thing barely held any candy.

9. Halloween Happy Meal Toys

I don’t even know how to describe what the things on the left are but I can assure you I had most of them. As for the nuggets, I vaguely remember them but not much.

8. These Plastic Jack-O-Lanterns

MY FAMILY STILL OWNS ALL OF THESE THINGS. If you don’t have these or have memory of these, well then your childhood clearly wasn’t as lit as mine (pun most certainly intended).

7. Fake Hair Coloring

You were the cool kid if your parents let you come to school with this stuff in your hair. The downside? The inner turmoil of not wanting to wash out the color but also hating what your hair felt like while it was in there.

6. You Watched It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown & Hocus Pocus

Let it be known my mother still raves about The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Meanwhile I know every single filming location from Hocus Pocus like the back of my hand thanks to my dad pointing them out all the time as a kid.

5. Probably Checked For A Razor In Your Candy

People suck in this world and unfortunately this was just one of the issues parents now had to be concerned about on Halloween. Unfortunately in today’s world, this might be considered the least of their worries.

4. The Addams Family Theme & Monster Mash Were Constantly Playing

Whether you were snapping to the Addams Family or doing the boogie with your fellow monsters, these songs will still get stuck in your head to this day.

3. Going Shaving Creaming

My mom never let me go shaving creaming on Halloween because things tended to get out of control with some people, but it definitely happened in my town. Basically all the middle schoolers who thought they were so cool, would skip trick or treating and head straight to one chosen location. There you would have a huge shaving cream fight and hope no real fights broke out.

2. Disney Channel Original Halloween Movies & TV Shows

How come Disney Channel went so downhill. Like seriously, Disney Channel Originals ESPECIALLY at Halloween time were always the perfect level of actually scary and entertaining. Don’t even get me started on the TV shows. Honestly, most of the Halloween episodes of my favorite shows were just scary scary. Suite Life, That’s So Raven, and Lizzie McGuire? They still give me the creeps.

1. Elementary School Halloween Classroom Parties & Costume Parades

Halloween parties in elementary school were always so bomb. You basically got to spend the entire class time in your costume. Life was a dang ball when you were dressed like a princess all day. Or if you were like me, you were in kindergarten, in a boot because you broke your foot on the monkey bars, dressed like the statue of liberty to cover the boot. Gotta get crafty when you’re broken. Then the newer thing that came out more around the time of my younger relatives was the costume parades. Where you and all your friends got to be escorted around the school with parents and other classes looking on to showcase your fabulous costumes.

Nostalgic holiday memories are my absolute favorite and that is why this is one of my all time favorite times of the year. Just wait till ti gets closer to Christmas 😉

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