15 Game Boy Advance SP Games You Definitely Played As A Kid (And Still Probably Do)

Game Boy Advance SP was my thing when I was younger. If I knew where my dang charger was I would probably still be playing the sims now. The fun part is I have the actual Game Boy just not the  charger. Sad life. Anyways, I decided it would be fun to relive the memories of some of Game Boy’s more popular games! I played most of these myself, but feel free to share your favorite Game Boy memories below or name some games I didn’t mention!

15. Clue, Battleship, Risk Trio

This was one of those game packs you played but would almost never finish. I would always make accusations too early and automatically lose Clue. All of my Battleships would sink because the computer generated opponent definitely cheats, and I still couldn’t even tell you how to play Risk. Young me always thought I’d beat a game every time I plugged the game in. I was wrong.

14. The Urbz

Basically the Sims but now. Originally this was suppose to be the ‘city living’ version of the sims games for Game Boy, but honestly if you were like me and my friends, you didn’t even realize the ‘Urbz’ were even associated with the sims. Plus apparently The Urbz were somehow more ‘inappropriate’ than The Sims Bustin’ Out so I was not allowed to get it.

13. Cars

Your basic Disney trying to take over the Mario Kart world racing game that never actually became the popular but everyone still seemed to have.

12. Lego Star Wars

The playstation and Wii version is ten times better but pickers can’t be choosers. Anyways, basically you’re in the Lego universe and it’s time to find that load of blocks Vader and put a stop to all of this Dark Side BS.

11. Dogz

The precursor to Nintendogs.

10. Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories

The downgraded version of Kingdom Hearts while you weren’t playing the playstation 2 version of it. Still a great concept. KINGDOM HEARTS FOREVER!

9. Kim Possible

All I remember about this game is kicking some villain booty as the legend herself, Kimmy P. She is such a badass even till this day.

8. American Idol

I was more of the Playstation 2 version type where you actually had to sing. But this one was interesting too. I honestly think I only ever really played it once because it either confused me or was too hard. Either are very likely.

7. Treasure Planet

I don’t remember much once again, but I do remember loving this game because it actually had a story line and plot. If you know me and know how much of a gaming nerd I am, I am big on story lines and story telling in games I play.

6. Sonic

Everyone needs a little sonic in their lives. I’m not going to lie though I was much more of a Mario girl and in my head the two characters/games were pretty similar. Usually when I think of Sonic, I think of burgers first tbh.

5. Disney Princess

Princess adventures featuring all your favorites! Pick a princess and try your best to get through three levels of stress. Basically each princess had a three level game of trying to make it through their kingdom and fight off any opposing beings while collecting gems. It was so much harder than it looked and the princesses were pretty lame in their attempts to defend themselves unfortunately. Disney still had to work on the girl empowerment thing at this time.

4. Super Mario Advance

Who doesn’t love Super Mario? Also if you don’t know what it is you’ve lived under a rock.

3. Mario Kart Super Circuit

Refer to my prior description. If you don’t know what Mario Kart is, you’re not worth and should run over your own banana.

2. The Sims Bustin’ Out

THE BEST GAME I PROBABLY EVER PLAYED. Make a sim, explore their world and complete quests. Like heck yes! Literally the entire point of the game was to keep your sim alive, decorate a house, make friends at strange times of the day, and build a rocket ship to finish the game off by blasting to the moon. What a time to be alive.

1. Pokemon (Sapphire, Emerald & Ruby)

Another series of AMAZING games. I was a sapphire girl and liveddd for it. I believe my cousin had Ruby. I loved exploring all the different areas in these games with my Pokemon. I always hated when the game would force you to run through tall grass though on your way to your next destination because you would always run into a Pokemon. Only issue is with the tall grass, it was either Pokemon you didn’t want or ones too hard to capture.

I hope you all enjoyed!!

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