Summer Extensions

Hello Everyone! I decided to write a short post because I haven’t written in a while! More vlogs are on their way I promise, I just need to find time to edit them. I also have some exciting news for those of you that might not have seen my post on Facebook; I have decided to extend my program! I applied to stay through the summer and was accepted with my first choice of moving to attractions come May! I’m super excited to start the next chapter of my program but I will definitely miss Adventureland and dare I say it even the Dole Whip. Another piece of information for those of you that do not know, my work location got split in half. Half of us stayed in Frontierland and the other half stayed in Adventureland so the term Stands West unfortunately no longer exists. I think this helped me make my decision to change roles for my extension because I much as I will miss the people I work with, swirling Dole Whip can get repetitive at times. It’s definitely sad not seeing as many CPs daily as I use to. I think by switching to attractions it’ll be an amazing opportunity to try something new (and slightly out of my comfort zone) and meet new CPs as well!

For a little insight on the summer extension process, it usually starts in early March. If you are enjoying your program you can apply to stay until the end of July (note this is for just SPRING people ONLY, not advantage). Applying is pretty simple, you go to your dashboard and you fill out the basic college program application form again. The great thing is the dashboard saves all of your work and volunteer experience from your original application so you don’t have to retype everything again. I do highly recommend adding in your current program into your job experience though. Next you can add a cover letter which I also recommend doing so you can add a little more personality into your application.

After the basics, you are asked what your top five roles would be if you extended. If you love where you currently reside you can choose same role same location or if you like your role but want a change, same role different location is an option as well. Besides that you can pick from roles that are in high need of CPs such as QSFB, Attractions, Custodial, etc. Once your application is sent in, then comes everyone’s favorite part of applying to anything Disney related: waiting. Thankfully the waiting period is MUCH SHORTER than the original process, but it’s still agonizing just the same. Just as a warning not all CPs who apply will be asked to stay. This is another reason why I suggest adding a cover letter to your application.

Once accepted you will not be told your new work location, only your new role (like the original DCP acceptance…. Disney just loves making us nervous). If less than 50% of your apartment is not extending then you will most likely be relocated into new housing as a way to condense the extendees. This is definitely going to be one of the hardest parts for me. I have gotten so close to my roommates and knowing I will have to leave them is going to be really difficult, especially knowing I will be staying here and they’ll be going home. But once again I know it just opens up room for a new adventure to start. But no worries to the people staying, you are given the choice to choose new roommates if you know of someone else extending!

That is pretty much all I know about extending right now considering I’ve only accepted my offer at this point. More updates will come soon and hopefully my new work location!

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