Happy Easter everyone! I know I’m a week (or three) late but I figure I’d talk a little bit about what it was like having Easter off in Disney! First of all I’d like to say I have no idea what kind of witchcraft was used in order for me to magically get Easter off from work. I was so surprised when I saw my schedule and it said I was off on Easter Sunday. Anyways like any normal CP I automatically decided to go to a park. I had always heard Magic Kingdom did some cute things for Easter, but nothing like the other major holidays. One of the biggest things I knew they did was a special float during the afternoon parade.

The first thing I noticed coming in through the Transportation and Ticket Center was the adorable Happy Easter Balloons everywhere! It was a nice touch. After that I took the monorail to the Grand Floridian where I met up with my roommate Miranda and we looked at the Easter Eggs. For those of you that don’t know the Grand Floridian showcases GIANT chocolate eggs that were made by Disney chocolatiers and let me just tell you, they’re INSANE. Amazing really. I highly recommend anyone in Disney during Easter should absolutely go take a look.

Once we got to the Magic Kingdom we noticed slight changes in the scenery right away. First of all, right next to guest relations instead of a Snow White meet and greet, the area had been transformed into Bunny Lane. There Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny themselves were greeting guests! We then headed over to the Confectionary to check out the specialized Easter goodies that they had for the holiday.

When we came back out we noticed about fifty girls scattered throughout Main Street in these gorgeous flower gowns. Each gown had a different pastel flower pattern and they all looked stunning. We later found out that they were part of the Easter Parade doing an early meet and greet before it started. The Easter Parade was longer than I expected it to be. I was expecting a single float before the parade started but instead it was an entire parade in itself, it even had it’s own personalized Easter song! The parade screamed spring time with its floral theme and adorable Disney characters you don’t normally see. Below I post the video of my day in the park where you can see everything I’m talking about! Enjoy!

Video: Toria’s Tales of Disney: Easter!

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