Living The Paleo Lifestyle

Paleo Life

To start things off, no this isn’t me trying to be trendy or ‘dieting.’ Trust me, being gluten-free alone isn’t really even healthy for you unless you do it properly. But I am paleo. Growing up I always felt and looked bloated. My face would always look puffy and have dark circles under my eyes. I would even have other symptoms of having a gluten-intolerance like chicken skin, otherwise known as the little red bumps that can be found up and down your arms sometimes.  It wasn’t until about high school when I actually tested the theory and actually realized I was allergic to gluten. After weening off of it, I felt amazing.

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Actual depiction of me with bread

Of course cutting gluten cold turkey after years of bread and cake-lovin is pretty much impossible. It clearly took some time. Time for mean meaning years to be completely off it. It’s like a drug I couldn’t resist. I’m a girl who loves her cake man. But thanks to modern times and good ingredients, gluten free goodies actually taste pretty bomb now and Disney does an amazing job with their allergy friendly offerings!

Now you’re probably wondering, ummm okay but you said you were paleo??? So yes. After going completely gluten-free and my stomach slowly starting to feel better, it still wasn’t 110%. I noticed when I ate ice cream, yogurt, a lot of cheese or milk, my stomach would feel like a lead brick. That’s where the lactose-free part came in.

So here I am now trying to live my best paleo lifestyle. I love Pinterest and testing out new recipes or going to places that offer amazing paleo options. I created this page on my blog to share some of my best experiences, recipes, or menu items. I also LIVE for holiday cooking and would love to start creating paleo menu ideas for holiday cooking! Enjoy 🙂