20 Things To Do While Social Distancing

Hey guys. I know it’s been a while and I think it’s pretty self-explanatory that things recently have been crazy. I started working from home and the transition took a little while to get use to. As we know, the world right now is starting to get use to a very new type of ‘normal’ and it is something that will be affecting us for the months to come. Coming from a girl who currently resides in Boston, I can say that I am seeing the affects of Corona first-hand and know the importance of social distancing.

With that being said, I am going stir crazy as I am sure many of you are as well. So I decided to compile a list of 20 activities that you can do when you’re on the brink of insanity. Some of these might be out of the box ideas and some may be very generic. But I wanted to make the list to not only spur some creativity in the world, but also to remind those who are having a hard time with this adjustment that we are all in the same boat. We’re in this together guys! Enjoy.

20. Read Where You Left Off or Start A Series

Grab a cup of coffee or sip on some tea and read! Whether it’s a magazine or hardcover, take the time to explore a new topic or one of your favorite genres. Maybe you haven’t had time before or you’re right in the middle of a great series, get it going! Take your mind away from the current situation and dive into a world within the pages. I’m a big reader, so I will list some of my other articles below that give some book suggests for those who may want them!

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19. Binge Watch A Show

Streaming services are doing a great job right now at trying to keep people inside and occupied. Many big name companies are putting their new movies online as well as doing their best to release TV shows early. Take advantage of it! Now is your time to watch that one TV show you’ve been meaning to get to or get caught up on your favorite flick! Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, The Office, Mindhunters, FROZEN II etc. So many options to choose from right at your finger tips!

18. Bake

Turn on The Great British Baking Show and grab your whisk! Either make a boxed dessert or start something from scratch! Baking is a great way to ease your mind as well as getting a nice little treat out of the activity! My favorite thing to do is enhancing boxed desserts through Pinterest inspiration. Whether that means adding dried fruit to a cookie mix or maybe combining two deserts together, it’s a great way to get the creative juices flowing! Either way it makes the house smell good and your stomach happy! I will share some of my previous baking articles below to kick start your inspiration!

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17. Support Local Restaurants

Order take out! This is an extremely hard time for all businesses, but especially all the mom & pop restaurants out there who are trying their best to stay open. With the ability to still order take out from many local places, avoid a trip to the grocery store and order one of your favorite meals for a night spent in!

16. Paint or Draw Something!

Time to get crafty! You don’t have to be a Leonardo DaVinci or Bob Ross to enjoy a relaxing session of painting or drawing. Instead go into it with no expectations other than enjoyment. Whether you decide to repaint a room, a piece of furniture, a canvas, some home decor, or even just a rock from outside, have fun with it! Anything can become a piece of art with enough creativity. Don’t have paint or don’t want to make a mess? Try drawing! Watch an online tutorial or maybe even just color with a coloring book. Do whatever will make you contend and happy!

15. Play Some Video Games

Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Mac/PCs? BREAK EM OUT. Unless you already have them well broken into like me. Sims 4, Animal Crossing, the possibilities of new games out right now to keep you nice and entertained are endless! Play your favorite virtual game and dive into the generated world in front of your eyes!

14. Break Out The OLD Video Games

I’m talking the Playstation 2, the Gameboy, the DS Lite, maybe even a PC with old CD games. Anything that’ll keep you entertained, but also bring in that warm nostalgia feeling! For example, my brother and I have reconnected our Playstation 2 and Wii. On Playstation we’ve been playing the original Kingdom Hearts, Series of Unfortunate Events, and even the Spongebob Movie Game. Then on Wii we broke out the good old Wii Sports, Mario Kart, and Sims Castaway! Got all the old computer games going like Pajama Sam, Freddie Fish, the Original Sims, and all the old Disney Interactive games. I even found my Gameboy with The Sims Bustin’ Out and my DS with Cooking Mama. So you could say we’ve been taking a big trip down memory lane!

13. Do A Puzzle or Board Game

Do a family or friend puzzle. Whip out the Monopoly or Cards Against Humanity! There are even boardgames you can play with friends over the phone now either throw the games specific app or over text of Game Pigeon! Bet money on it to make things interesting!

12. Get Nostalgic

Take a trip down memory lane! Go through a box of old toys you haven’t gone through since you were a kid. Look through old photo albums or watch old home videos. Looking up things from your past that you completely forgot about! Take the time to bring back that warm fuzzy feeling inside. If you need some inspiration or looking for nostalgia when you don’t have anything physical at home, check out some of my articles below!

Nostalgia Articles!

11. Clean/Reorganize/Redecorate

What better time to kick start that spring cleaning!? Maybe you’ve been pushing aside scrubbing the bathroom or those darn kitchen grease stains; well now there’s no excuse to avoid it any longer! Maybe you’ve already cleaned? Then maybe it’s time to do some redecorating or rearranging the furniture in your bedroom or living room. Organize your closet and go through old clothes. Basically take on all those housekeeping tasks you usually don’t have time for. When it’s done you’ll feel accomplished and a clean house leads to a healthier mindset!

10. Video Chat With Friends & Family

Thanks to the technology today, there are so many ways for people to communicate face to face without actually being next to each other! FaceTime, Facebook Video, Google Hangout, Zoom, etc! There are so many ways to get that social interaction time many people are longing for at the moment. Watch a show together and give your opinions, play battleship or guess who or charades, there are so many things you can do through video chat!

9. Exercise Or Go For A Walk

Depending on the weather and where you live, go for a walk! Fresh air is still extremely important even during a time of quarantining. Get some light exercise in or maybe even go for a run depending on how you feel! Go on a hike, a bike ride, or simply a stroll. Let your mind relax and clear your head. It’s definitely an important piece to keeping your sanity during this time.

8. Make Dinner For Yourself Or Your Household!

Not in a baking mood? Or maybe you’re trying to stay healthy during this quarantining session? Well then try cooking a meal whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner, for either yourself or your entire household! Who knows, you could come out of this quarantine as a master chef. Impress everyone with an easy online recipe to start and build your skill from there. To spur some inspiration and to get the creative juices flowing, I will post some of my food articles below! Lets get cookin!

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7. Online Shop

Okay, I know it might not be the smartest move at the moment, BUTTTT a lot of sites are having some pretty great quarantine sales. Can’t help but take a peek and ya know start adding to my unnecessary summer wardrobe. Why not treat yourself when you’re feeling a little down? Make sure that when you start hanging with friends again that you look on POINT (and not just recycling the same three sweatshirts like I am in my house now). Enjoy the window shopping online experience!

6. Learn A New Skill!

Maybe you’ve been interested in learning to knit or crochet? Maybe you want to try doing some DIY craft or tie dye. Welp, now you have plenty of time to learn! Have string? Learn how to make a bracelet or do some light weaving. Maybe break out the old school gimp and make a box. Learn how to fix and appliance or play an instrument. The possibilities here are endless and if you have a computer, you have a world full of teachers at your fingertips! Whether it’s through a paid online course or even just YouTube, why not take advantage of the time to learn something new?

5. Meditate Or Yoga

Breathe in and outtttttt. Take a moment to live well, in the moment. Don’t worry about what tomorrow will bring. Instead, focus on yourself and the now. Whether it’s yoga inside or out, online or self-instructed, just take the time to stretch out. Looking for something even slower paced or not exercised inducing? Try meditating. It’s a great way to ease your mind during what can definitely be a stressful time.

4. Watch A Documentary Or Do Some Research

Since we’re in the middle of living in a very historical moment that will probably be taught in schools in the future, why not take the time to learn a bit more about history or topics yourself. I’ll list a couple of docs or historical shows below that are interesting to give you a jump start! But if you don’t feel like watching something, read some articles to spark interest! History.com is also a very interesting site to brush up on some history. They cover all major topics and events from across the globe in history in individual articles! Great way to learn!

-Casting JonBenet (Netflix)
-Cheer (Netflix)
-The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann (Netflix)
-Abducted In Plain Sight (Netflix)
-Apollo 11 (Hulu)
-RBG (Hulu)
-The Witness (Amazon Prime)
-Chasing Happiness (Amazon Prime)
-Thin (Amazon Prime)
-Disney Nature (Disney Plus)

Historical Documentary TV Shows
-Mysteries at The Museum (Hulu)
-Museum Secrets (Amazon Prime)
-Million Dollar American Princesses (Hulu)
-Ted Bundy Tapes (Netflix)
-National Geographic Docs (Disney Plus)

3. Write!

Hey, who knows, maybe you’re a poet and you didn’t know it! Anyways, in all seriousness, try focusing your thoughts into words. Try journalling each day or writing down the tasks you got accomplished to stay sane while being stuck at home. Maybe try your hand at a poem or haiku. Maybe you’ve always wanted to start a short story or simply brainstorm your ideas. There are so many ways to get some inspiration or thoughts down on paper. You don’t have to be an author or English major to accomplish it, you simply either need a pen and paper or a computer! Try it, ya never know what might come out of it!

2. Spiral On The Internet

Go down a wikipedia wormhole. Check out some new inspiration on Pinterest. Check out what your favorite YouTubers are up to! The possibilities are endless! Find something online that might interest you whether it’s a game or a good news article and get invested! I’ll link some of my articles on more interesting or strange topics as well as a few videos if anyone would like a starting point!

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1. Do Some Much Deserved Self-Pampering!

Do a face mask. Have a glass of wine. Make your favorite dessert. Light a candle and hop in a hot bath. Relax yourself and ease your mind. You deserve this time to take time for YOURSELF. This is a hard time for a lot of people, me included, and I believe it is extremely important to take a moment to fully focus on yourself. Mental health is severely important during this isolation period. It’s time to breathe and know that everyone is in the same boat. Everyone is suffer is some way shape or form due to this growing concern. Some obviously more than others, so appreciate what you have and where you are right now. Breathe. ūüôā

10 Things From School You Forgot About If You’re A 90s/00s Kid

10. Seeing How Far You Could Reach

This along side the mile and the sit-up test was one of the worst days of my elementary school gym-class career. I hated everyone compared how flexible they were because, well, quite frankly, I never was.

9. Stephen Biesty’s Incredible Cross-Sections Books & Eye Witness Books

These books were amazingly entertaining yet equally incredibly informative. It’s amazing how much detail and information could be put into one book and the amount of different topics the books covered. I still love flipping through these books solely for the pictures and tid-bits of information.

8. These Math Class Bears

These bears were basically giving toys to the class. As soon as we had our hands on them the distractions started almost right away. Great concept for math, but not a good idea depending on the age group.

7. These Clear Bingo Chips

I always loved trying to get one of each color when the teacher would hand out these chips or stacking them on top of each other to make other colors. The small things that entertained me in school as a kid.

6. Zip-up Pencil Cases

Another grade A distraction during class and I’m surprised the teachers didn’t ban them. Honestly I don’t think enough kids had them to really cause a full class distraction, but fully unzipping then zipping these cases back up were both fun and LOUD.

5. Art Class Water Color Kits

Between the smell and the lack of color they truly produced, these water color kits were the STAPLE of any elementary school art class. I remember always fighting with the rest of the class over finding the cleanest palette. Compared to the one that was clearly utilized with a little TOO much water in it’s previous use.

4. Flexible Rulers

You could distract yourself in class with it, you could bend it, and most of all it almost never actually made a straight line. Wins all around right?

3. The Smell of These Library Cards

Nothing beat the smell of an elementary school library (or just an old library in general). But getting a book checked out and the musty smell of the ancient card in the back hit differently. I remember in my elementary school a lot of kids would find their parents names in the backs of the books from when they were children. Small town vibes right there.

2. The Best Day of The Week

Picture via NOXAD

GUYS. I honestly don’t even know where to begin when it comes to these bad boy Mozzarella sticks. Like they look fake and felt a little fake, but MAN they were GOOD. People would race down to the cafeteria on whatever day they were on the menu to make sure they got their fill before the cafeteria ran out!

1. Pain Worse Than A Scooter To The Ankle

See here’s the issue. They were fun to play with in gym class until things got out of control. One wrong movement and you’d either get slapped in the face or some good plastic to the top of your head. Both were equally painful.

15 MORE Things 90s/00s Kids Definitely Forgot About (Until Now)

Welcome back all my nostalgic lovers! Today, we are going to focus on 15 MORE things that you definitely forgot about if you were a 90s/00s kid. I am here as an educator to remind everyone about things that were considered life-changing as a kid, that you may have completely forgot about until right now! Now of course, I’m sure some of these things will be remembered by many and not considered ‘forgotten’, but I am creating the list based off MY memory. ENJOY!

15. These Stick On Earrings

This was THE BRAND when it came to stick on earrings because I swear there was something magical about them that made them last longer. Then came the hard part of deciding which ones to wear based on your outfit that day. That is of course if you were like me and didn’t have your ears actually pierced.

14. The Magic Baby Bottle

Where did the milk go? How does it do that!? Welp, our brains will never know I guess! It’s actually pretty easy to understand how it works now, but back then it was basically magic.

13. The Vacuum That Probably Drove Your Parents INSANE

Pop, pop, pop, POPPPPP. Who invented these and why did we find so much joy in driving our parents insane by using them? I think this is why I have vacuums now.

12. Starting A Box

The true prize of any successful summer camp day was coming home with one of these bad boys. Once you got started it was pretty much a breeze, but starting a gimp box? Basically impossible. Usually there was always one friend in the group that started them for everyone else to complete.

11. Stardoll

Image via: DailyMotion

The best website for all of your modeling and fashion styling dreams really. Basically you had these (mostly poorly) animated online paper dolls of popular celebrities. As well as some rocking outfits they’ve either actually been seen in or WISH they’ve been seen in. From there it was up to you to mix and match and have them runway ready!

10. These Bubble Necklaces

Ya know, just in case you were randomly overcome with the sudden urge to blow a bubble. These were usually the height of goodie bags or prizes at school fairs.

9. Bloonies

The best way to have fun and inhale liquid plastic, AT THE SAME TIME. Talk about an amazing time. If you were really skilled you’d be able to blow a big balloon with the puddy before it started to deflate on you.

8. Burning Your Insides

We all know the pizza roll burn of that first bite, but never forget that boiling cheese on the roof of your mouth.

7. The Old School KitKat Wrappers

Something about opening up a KitKat in one of these foil wrappers hit a totally different way. The noise it made and the way it looked made you feel like Charlie Bucket about to strike gold.

6. Weepuls

No one really knows just exactly WHERE they came from, and quite frankly a lot of people don’t exactly know why they exists. Weepuls were the little pals that chilled on your desk at school or on your pencil until they became too much of a class ‘distraction’ and they were banned by teachers.

5. Del Sol Nail Polish (DelSol Everything)

Wait a minute, are you telling me your nail polish just went from sparkly silver to RED!? And that shirt you have on? You’re telling me in the sun it goes from being a boring old t-shirt to a colorful masterpiece!? MAGIC. Thanks to Del Sol most people came back from any tropical vacation feeling like a million bucks in the sunlight. I use to LOVE their nail polish and honestly would still wear it now.

4. Elefun

Aka where did all the butterflies go over time? I think there was like five left by the time that toy got thrown out. This is one of those games that I compare to Monopoly in the sense that you definitely lost friends over thanks to competition.

3. Oreo Cakesters

Randomly saw a picture of these on Pinterest and I swear my mind had a brain blast. I had COMPLETELY forgot about these and they were so dang good! Minus the fact that they constantly got stuck to the roof of your mouth. They were like little fluffy Oreos.

2. Floam

Go from boring to exciting with FLOAM. I remember all the commercials would emphasize the fact that you could use neon Floam to decorate random household objects to liven your life up. In realty Floam in packaging kinda looked gross sometimes and I’m pretty sure they had a recall at one point. Either way my mother never let me buy it and honestly I understand why now. Messy stuff.


My hearts pounding, I refuse to even look at the picture for too long in fear of what comes next. If you know, YOU KNOW.

15 Things That MADE Any Sleepover As A 90s/00s Kid

Back before everyone had their own cell phones, social media to browse, or personal laptops, we had to get pretty creative as to how to throw a rockin sleepover. So here is a nostalgic list of all the EPIC things we did to have an EPIC sleepover as a 90s/00s kid.

15. Tiger Beat, J-14 & Seventeen

Which celebrity would I get along with? Who is my celebrity boyfriend!? Clearly these were the answers we NEEDED back then and the only way to truly find out was to buy any of these ~classy~ kid friendly magazines. I personally loved the giant fold out posters each magazine came with or the the “OMG” pages.

14. Did Each Other’s Nails & Makeup & Hair

What better way to spend a night than to glam up and go absolutely no where!? Am I right?? Somehow the best part of sleepovers tended to be getting your hair straightened or nails painted in hopes they would stay just as glamorous into the next day to fully show off.

13. Freezing Someone’s Bra

I remember in middle school we would all panic and try not to be the first one to fall asleep at a sleepover. Why? Well first was asleep usually meant first one to be pranked and if you were like my friends, it usually meant bra in the freezer. What better way to start the morning after a sleepover than having to put on a ice cold bra to fully wake you up.

12. Mystery Date & Mall Madness (Or Ouija)

Depended on the mood you guys were in that night really. Like were ya feeling like finding a boyfriend or fighting over Chris Evans’ (yes he was a model for the game back in the day) card in Mystery Date? Or were you feeling like finding the best deals at the mall? OR did you decide to take a terrifying turn and talk to the dead? That escalated quickly.

11. Dance Parties & Hairbrush Singing

GET MY BOOMBOX, TURN ON RADIO DISNEY OR KISS, AND LET’S JAM. Everyone use to love grabbing that hairbrush microphone and sing their little hearts out like they were the next big winner on American Idol (back when it was GOOD).

10. Fighting Over The Sims & Dream Life

When we would decide it was time to play a game on the tv or on our single desktop computer, it usually came down to the Sims or Dream Life. For those of you who don’t know what either of these games are, GET WITH IT. Anyways, if your sleepover was with one other person the rule usually was each player got a “day” in the game before giving the other person a turn. Only issue was it usually turned into a fight on how each person decided to spend that “day” while the other person watched on.

9. Photo Shoot On Your Parents Digital Camera

Digital camera? Time to take some ~crazy~ pics that you will regret developing the next day! This usually occurred either after you got all glammed up or during your hairbrush rock concert.

8. Messaging Your Crush

Peer-pressure or sleepover courage? The world may never know, but something about bringing a group of young girls together somehow usually led to being encouraged to message your crush on AIM or Facebook. They don’t respond the way you wanted them to? That’s when you lie and claim your friend hacked you. Problem solved and embarrassment avoided.

7. StumbleUpon & FML

StumbleUpon was such a weird website, but my friends and I would love to explore the random places it brought you to. FML on the other hand was a hilarious website to make you feel better about yourself after listening to others’ misfortunes. Middle school me would scoff at the embarrassing moments people would post about, who knew I’d grow up to be the living embarrassment????


You can’t have a group of Elementary or Middle School girls together without a gossip session coming into play. Did you see Mikey let Julia borrow his pencil in class today? I can already hear the wedding bells ringing. Scandalous really.

5. Prank Calls

Back in the day of *67 or only knowing people’s home numbers, you had to get pretty creative with your prank calls. I remember one time my friend prank called her brother’s friends house. Without realizing it was the home phone number. She then, in a split second decision, decided to lower her voice and pretend to be her brother when the parents answered the phone. Quite the time.

4. Staying Up LATE

I may be in my 20s, but I still don’t know how younger me was able to stay up so late with little to no repercussions. 3am, 4am, 6am!? Who was I. Like if you didn’t stay up till at least 2 or 3am you were considered lame. Well, I’d like to say that I am very lame now by those standards.

3. PIZZA & Munchies

The night usually started with the ordering of pizza for the crew. Or if your parents were in a really good mood that night they’d take you to the grocery store to pick out some ~snacks. Either way there was usually an abundance of chips or cookie dough along with pizza on a quality sleepover night.

2. Trip To Blockbuster AHEAD Of Time

IMPORTANT. Before the age of fighting over which movie to rent for the night, we had to take the communal (or go before everyone arrived so they couldn’t argue) trip to Blockbuster. This was the ultimate power movie if you wanted to watch a new or popular movie at your sleepover. Plus sometimes you could persuade your parents to buy you some extremely overpriced candy.

1. M.A.S.H.

Last, but definitely the MOST important would be the classic game of M.A.S.H. For the crazy youngin’s out there that have no idea what MASH stands for, it stands for Mansion, Apartment, Shed, or House. Basically the game was a list of categories that would predict your future. And let me tell you, we take these games VERY seriously.

11 Phobias You Didn’t Know Had A Name (And You Might Have)

WELCOME BACK you fear loving readers. Clearly the phobias thing is something that fascinates a LOT of you and honestly, it fascinates me too. I love researching new names and new phobias and sharing my findings with you all! Today, I decided to focus on phobias that are actually pretty common among the general public but you one, may not realize you actually have this phobia, and two may not have even realized it was a phobia with a name at all! So without further ado, ENJOY facing your fears.

11. Bathmophobia

The fear of slopes or stairs. Okay hear me out on this one. Do you ever have dreams (or nightmares) of being on stairs and not being able to reach the top or maybe they’re so steep that your heart starts racing thinking you’ll fall? No? Just me? Okay maybe it’s because I’m short. But if you’re like me, something about going up steep or long staircase or escalators have always freaked me out. It also said that if you had this fear as a child, it’s more common to grow with you into adulthood which also makes sense. When I was younger, if there was stairs with gaps between each step (which I will picture above to explain my case), I ALWAYS thought I was going to fall through and still have nightmares randomly about it to this day!

10. Decidophobia

The fear of making decisions. Call it indecisive. Call it whatever you want. When it comes to making a decision and the possibility of choosing the wrong option, you could say I have this phobia.

9. Pupaphobia

The fear of puppets or marionettes. I think the only person on the planet who didn’t have this fear was Jim Henson himself.

8. Pentheraphobia

The fear of your mother-in-law. This one made me laugh and think of all the people who claim they have mother-in-law zillas. So now if you’re not a big fan of your new mother and want to make it known without making it too obvious, just say you have Pentheraphobia.

7. Deipnophobia

The fear of dinner parties or banquets. Aka, the fear of dining out or with a large group of people. This is a common case when it comes to social anxiety, but many don’t realize how specified phobias can be. Like the fact that this specific kind of situation has it’s own phobia name amazes me.

6. Carcinophobia

The fear of cancer or developing cancer. This I truly believe is a phobia everyone has even if it is subconscious in many peoples’ minds. Everyone has the fear of leaving this world early and many know someone who left too soon due to this awful illness. Of course as a phobia, I assume this term is used for those who can’t seem to get the fear off their mind almost constantly, but overall I still think it may be an underlying phobia in everyone.

5. Emetophobia

The fear of vomiting or seeing vomit. This phobia is EXTREMELY common, in fact I watch a LOT of YouTubers who explain this to be their biggest phobia. Since my parents are both nurses, I believe that is why throwing up never seemed to phase me. Of course, I am not a fan of throwing up myself because it usually means I feel sick. But if I see someone throw up, I am more than willing to assist them, rather than not being able to stand the sight of the ordeal.

4. Astraphobia

The fear of thunder and lightning. I find it fascinating that there are separate phobia names for those who are just afraid of thunder and others who are just afraid of lightning. The list of phobia names are truly limitless. But this one I find to be very common in people as well. I mainly think of kids who, like I use to be, are terrified of thunder storms. Then I believe this phobia pertains to the people who never grow out of this fear even into adulthood. I understand the fear though, thunder storms can be loud and dangerous!

3. Trypanophobia

The fear of needles or getting shots. This usually then leads to the overarching fear of doctors or doctor offices. I know SO many people who live with this fear as well as the phobia of seeing blood. It all combines together really. As for me, as a child I HATED shots. I swear I would need multiple nurses to hold me down as I thrashed around. Now, I am MUCH better. The sight nor the feeling doesn’t affect me like it use to, but I still know so many people who will have panic attacks on their way to the doctors.

2. Agoraphobia

This phobia is a little more general than most of the others I have on this list in the sense that it has a few different meanings. The main definition I follow when it comes to this term is the fear of crowded or public places. The entirety of the phobia usually relates to social anxiety or anxiety in general. The idea that a public place may be too crowded leading to a panic attack or it may lead to an embarrassing social situation that then will lead to a panic attack.


I CANT EVEN LOOK UP PICTURES FOR THIS UGH. The fear of small holes close together. Like I can’t even begin to describe to you how I have this phobia so bad but I do. Like my mind can’t even begin to make sense as to why this makes me feel so uncomfortable but just googling pictures of this phenomenon makes my skin crawl so sorry guys, you’ll have to look this one up for yourself.

15 Strange Phobias That People Actually Have

Okay, let’s be real, no matter what anyone says in life, everyone is always afraid of something. Now, when it comes to whether that fear is rational or not is a different story. Today, I decided to touch on some of the, well, stranger phobias that truly exist and real people in the world are plagued with. My last phobias’ post from October’s Halloween month still has viewers captivated so I decided to create another one! Expect a few more on the way too! Anyways, for now, let’s check out some of the stranger phobias the world holds.

15. Optophobia

The fear of opening one’s eyes. Yes. This is a real thing and it is usually connected to those with severe anxiety or mental disorders. Some websites say that many with this phobia tend to stay indoors or in darkness.

14. Achievemephobia

The fear of success. This is more of a subconscious phobia rather than one the person with the irrational fear is aware of. Pretty crazy to think about considering most suffer from the fear of failure.

13. Lockiophobia

The fear of childbirth. This is a fear that I think for those who have it can easily avoid with proper precautions put into place.

12. Nephophobia

The fear of clouds. Better hope its a clear day outside! Not really sure how this one comes to be within a person’s psyche.

11. Nomophobia

The fear of being far from your cellular phone. People who have this fear go through extreme phases of panic when in dead zones or when their phone is lost. This is the issue with today’s day and age.

10. Ablutophobia

The fear of bathing. In my opinion I could see this spawning from someone who maybe almost drown as a child or had a traumatic bathtub experience. But still, that is just unsanitary and quite frankly a possibly smelly phobia situation. But those who have it and have to face their fear every time they bath, I commend you.

9. Chiroptophobia

The fear of bats. Now this is an understandable and somewhat common phobia. BUT, I added it because it said some have this extreme fear because they believe vampires are real and in turn may be disguised as bats.

8. Turophobia

The fear of cheese. What a sad life to live.

7. Anthophobia

The fear of flowers. I like how to websites I’ve been researching from specify that many with this phobia don’t tend to be allergic to flowers or don’t discriminate to the kind of flower and simply fear them all.

6. Chorophobia

The fear of dancing. I understand if this fear derives from a social anxiety, especially for those who feel they can’t dance. But, those who even fear the sight of it are why I posted it on here.

5. Porphyrophobia

The fear of the color purple. I don’t even have an explanation for this one.

4. Ergophobia

The fear of work. In some cases, I would call this a cop out for lazy people. But I also completely understand that those with severely stressful jobs or maybe some who have had scarring jobs in the past may experience this phobia.

3. Pteridophobia

The fear of ferns. Thought I’d get a little more specific. Once again I have no real explanation for this one.

2. Ecophobia

The fear of your home. My automatic reaction to this was if someone’s house was haunted, I’d be afraid of my home too. But from the little research there is online that I could find quickly, it seems to pertain more to what could be going on in the world outside of your house while you’re inside your own home.

1. Arachibutyrophobia

Brace yourselves. I saved this as number one for a reason. This fear is not of the object about to be referred to itself, but instead the action that it creates. This is the fear of not peanut butter, but of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. Like okay, it’s not a pleasant situation and I honestly believe everyone’s hates the sensation. But COME ON. As a phobia!? Then just don’t eat it!

10 Things You’ll Remember On Valentine’s Day In School If You Were A 90s/00s Kid

*sigh* Awwww Valentine’s Day. A time of romance and half off candy the next day. I personally like the 15th better solely for the candy. Besides that fact, I was having a hard time making a short title for this post because I wanted to take it back to what Valentine’s Day use to be like in elementary school. The reason why I turned this into a throwback post though is because I have been told that Valentine’s Day can’t be celebrated like it use to in schools. Apparently parents and kids are too worried about getting feelings hurt than just appreciating some free candy from your classmates. ANYWAYS, let’s dive into some nostalgic things from Valentine’s Day in elementary school if you were a 90s/00s kid.

10. Picking The Perfect Valentine’s Day Cards

The one rule when it came to everyone handing out Valentine’s to the class was EVERYONE GOT A VALENTINE. It didn’t matter if you had a raging rivalry or not, everyone got the same number of cards. But that didn’t mean our little minds didn’t find our way around these rules. Oh you don’t like her? She gets the lamest card of the batch with the smallest sticker. Your BFF? She gets an extra lollipop. Your crush? Draw a little heart next to their name with an extra sticker. Boom. Small child loopholes.

9. The Valentine’s With Sticker Packs OR Activities

Slightly touched upon above, when it came to picking out the PERFECT set of Valentine’s for your class, there was a number of things that had to be taken into consideration. One of course being if each card came with their own individual stickers ORRR if they came with a cool set of stickers to seal the cards with. Can’t look drab for the Valentine’s exchange especially if you’re name was going to be under the ‘From:’ line.

8. The Valentine’s That Came With A Lollipop

If you were extra good at convincing your parents that year, you would sometimes get to become the class favorite by showing up with the Valentine’s that each had their own lollipop attached to them. I remember there was one year where a huge controversy broke out when people were only giving ‘some’ classmates lollipops. Not good.

7. Conversation Hearts

Who doesn’t love the taste of slightly minty chalk am I right? Not going to lie, I actually love conversation hearts (don’t @ me okay, I’m a bland person I get it). We even use to play a game where the first heart you took out of the box would predict what your crush would say to you on Valentine’s Day. A saucy game to play for any elementary schooler. They also have been re-released so they’re not gone for good! Nice try to the lame people who tried to hate them into extinction.

6. THESE Lollipops Specifically

They kinda tasted like cherry, they kinda tasted like medicine, but in reality they really only tasted like the paper stick they were attached to. Yet everyone still ate them anyways and loved when the white mark from the pop came off on your tongue (Elementary school tongue tat life).

5. Probably Waking Up To These Chocolate Boxes

Everyone wanted one for Valentine’s Day and everyone got excited when they got one of these like 1$ bad boys, but did anyone ACTUALLY eat them? Usually I’d get one and my parents would let me have like one piece, but honestly one piece was usually enough because this chocolate tasted pretty gross. Guess it’s the thought that counts.

4. Cutting Hearts Out Of Construction Paper Like This

When it came to family and loved ones, the only proper way to showcase your love for them was by making a work-of-art, homemade Valentine’s Day card. It usually included folding construction paper in tow then cutting it to make the perfect paper heart. Or if you were feeling extra fancy, you could weave construction paper hearts together to create a true artistic wonder.

3. Cinnamon Hearts

The only candy that could make your eyes water in pain, yet you’d still continue to eat. Crush starts talking to another person in class after card handouts? Eat some cinnamon hearts and claim the tears are from the spice.

2. Giving Your Crush An EXTRA Valentine OR A “Special” One

If you were a little extra sneaky or could feign off the ‘whoops how did that happen’ look, then you’d sneak your crush an EXTRA Valentine on the big day. This way you knew they HAD to extra think about you and who knows maybe they gave you two back.

1. Valentine’s Day Mailbox Contests

I remember one of the best contests of the year was when it came time to make Valentine’s Day mailboxes. Basically the only rule was you needed a slot for the cards, the rest was up to you (your parents) imagination. I wish I had pictures of the creations we use to make (back BEFORE they banned voting and just let everyone win, lame). I remember one year specifically, my parents helped me make a giant castle out of boxes and the drawbridge was my slot for my cards. I even had Cinderella and Prince Charming Polly Pockets greeting the cards out front as they entered. Yet I still didn’t win that year (not still salty about it or anything).

14 Weird Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards (That May Leave You With Chills)

We all know that when it comes to Valentine’s Day people hype up the idea of trying to be extra romantic for their partner (or crush). So what better what to show your love than a three dollar card from the store that promotes the holiday?? Candy, people. Candy is better. BUT ANYWAYS, I decided to take the time to compile a list of some of the strangest vintage Valentine’s Day cards I found. If anyone has one of these bad boys, then I’d start second guessing your relationship #sorry. Enjoy!

14. Breaking Out With Love

Don’t get near me with that rash.

13. Love Is Criminal

via News24

Right cause I totally wouldn’t be concerned after receiving this.

12. Alice & Hatter…?

Hatter she’s like 12 woah there.

11. “You” In Card Form

Didn’t know Joe made Valentine’s cards on the side.

10. Slightly Threatening

Via MF

That sausage looks menacing to me. Look at the evil in it’s eyes.

9. Candid Love

Calm down lady and watch your step.

8. Hot Damn

Definitely NOT a hot tip to give this card to anyone.

7. Fishin For A Good Line

Desperately fishing for a good pick up line on this one.

6. Dumb Crazy In Love

I’d love to see the artist being pitched this one like “okay so picture this we have a plum, but with the body of a human, on a SCOOTER. Boom. Romance.”

5. Catch Up Already

“See Red”. How about no.

4. Thaw A Frozen Heart

Don’t thaw out. Run. Run far away instead.

3. Seriously Hallmark…

From The 1950s (I Believe) but Still Not Cool

Crazy to think people actually thought this was okay AND WOULD BUY IT TO GIVE IT TO THEIR LOVED ONE.

2. Simmer Down

No. Just no.

1. Gotta Be Healthy

Woah there lettuce lady.

15 Gluten-Free Desserts To Host The Best Galentine’s Day EVER

It’s never too early to start your Galentine’s day prepping! Especially when it includes some sweet Gluten-Free treats!

15. Gluten Free Conversation Heart Cookies from What The Fork

Who can say no to a heart shaped sugar cookie?? Especially when it’s gluten free! Plus its an adorable twist to a classic Valentine’s Day treat! Check out this deliciously lovable treat by What The Fork on their website here.

14. Paleo Chocolate Lava Cake With Almond Butter from Food Faith Fitness

I’ll let the video speak for itself on this one but wowza does this bad boy look good! Check out this amazing twist on Almond Joys by Food Faith Fitness on their website here.

13. Gluten Free Chocolate Dipped Pretzels from Eat At Our Table

Such a simple dessert to make that often times many gluten-free peeps cannot indulge in. Let’s make this Valentine’s Day ours to enjoy by making our OWN chocolate covered pretzels thanks to Eat At Our Table’s ingenious recipe. For the full list of instructions (as well as some other sweet gluten-free treat inspiration), check out their site here.

12. Gluten-Free Valentine Chex¬ģ Mix from Betty Crocker Kitchens

Ready to be addicted to a sweet treat you can finally indulge in? The thing I always hated about chex mix is I could never munch on it and would be envious when everyone else could. SO NOW’S OUR TIME TO SHINE EVERYONE. Head on over to the Betty Crocker site here to make a deliciously gluten-free Valentine’s Day chex mix!

11. Valentine’s Day Donuts from Fork And Beans

Gotta start Valentine’s Day off right? RIGHT!? Exactly! So what better way to start off the day than by indulging in one of these amazing donuts! For the full donut recipe by Fork And Beans, check out their site here!

10. Easy Valentine’s Day Chocolate And Berry Kabobs from My Gluten-Free Kitchen

Who doesn’t love a cute little kabob you can dip in whipped cream? Love the fact that this recipe is both gluten-free and so unique to Valentine’s day! For the full recipe and list of directions by My Gluten-Free Kitchen, check out their site here.

9. Gluten Free Red velvet Waffles from My Hot Southern Mess

This is like the trifecta of all my favorite things. Breakfast food, waffles, AND RED VELVET. Wow. Just wow. I cannot wait to make these (for myself lol) on Valentine’s Day morning before heading into work! For the full recipe by My Hot Southern Mess, check out their site here.

8. BETTER For You Gluten-Free Chocolate Valentine Cookies from Almost SUPERMOM

I love any kind of cookie that has a nice big Hershey’s kiss right smack dab in the middle of it. So this cookie recipe has DEFINITELY peeked my interest especially because it is healthier which can be hard to come by when baking gluten-free! Plus who doesn’t love some extra (much-needed) sprinkles! For the full recipe, check out Almost SUPERMOM’s site here.

7. Gluten Free Vegan Whoopie Pies from Sarah Bakes Gluten Free

Mmmmmm, I love a good gluten free whoopie pie and I think heart shaped desserts just hit a different way. A better way. For some awesome dessert that goes straight to the heart, check out these awesome gluten free AND vegan whoopie pies by Sarah Bakes Gluten Free on her site here.

6. White Chocolate Dipped Valentines Day Cookies from Mile High Mitts

I’m not going to lie, I’m not a huge white chocolate person, but the pictures of these cookies alone make me want to try one! They’re adorably festive and definitely eye-catching (being gluten free is just another added bonus)! For the full recipe by Mile High Mitts, check out her site here.

5. Gluten Free Red Velvet Truffles from Kimberly’s Gluten Free Kitchen

When it comes to cake flavors I have to say that Red Velvet is definitely my all-time favorite! It’s like the best of both worlds (basically chocolate and vanilla flavors). Red Velvet anything really. ANYWAYS, check out this tasty gluten-free truffle recipe by Kimberly’s Gluten Free Kitchen here.

4. Chocolate-Stuffed Gluten Free Brownies from Momtastic

I LIVE for a good brownie and honestly there are a ton of great gluten-free brownie recipes out there. But this one DEFINITELY takes the cake with the amazing hidden treat in the middle! The addition of a fun-sized chocolate to an already gluten-free brownie has my mouth watering. Check out this AWESOME recipe by Momtastic here.

3. Gluten Free Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies from Mama Knows Gluten Free

It can’t be a Valentine’s Day food post without a good ol’ Red Velvet cookie. I once again am a HUGE Red Velvet fan and even though I generally think it goes hand in hand with holiday baking, it’s always Red Velvet time. Anyways, check out this delightful gluten-free Red Velvet cookie recipe by Mama Knows Gluten Free here.

2. Gluten Free Red Velvet Cake from Let Them Eat Gluten Free Cake

Oh my gosh this cake looks HEAVENLY. I have never seen a picture of a gluten free cake that looks so fluffy and moist! Check out this amazing Red Velvet cake recipe from Let Them Eat Gluten Free Cake (I like what you did there by the way) here!

1.Valentine’s Day Chocolate Covered Strawberries from Easy Family Recipe Ideas

I had to finish things off with a STAPLE (and naturally gluten free) dessert when it comes to the season of love. For some reason love is professed through chocolate covered strawberries in just about every movie or aspect when it comes to Valentine’s Day and honestly I’m not complaining! I loved this recipe because it gives some great tips to making adorably festive designs! For the full list of instructions and recipes by Easy Family Recipe Ideas, check out their site here.

15 Things 90s/00s Kids DEFINITELY Forgot About (Until Now)

You ever suddenly get overcome with the feeling of nostalgia from a memory then your second thought it ‘wow I COMPLETELY forgot about that!’. Or how about you find an old toy that use to be all the rage or an old magazine and get completely shell-shocked to realize that something that was once so vital to your childhood existence was wiped almost completely from your mind? Well lets take a look at a small list I complied of some things that you probably forgot about from your childhood, but will definitely make you say OH YEAH I REMEMBER THOSE! Enjoy!

15. This Painful Sound Explosion

If you know what this means then the picture explains itself. I think my ears still bleed a little just from looking at it.

14. The Hamburgaler, Grimace, and Halphas

And SO many more, but I decided to stick with the main trio that stood along side Ronald himself. Back in the day when McDonalds decided to get crafty with their marketing and advertisements, they created a whole world of strange and funny characters to help promote each aspect of the McDonald’s restaurants. Use to be very afraid of the Hamburgaler to be honest. Just like swiper the fox.

13. The Six Flags Man

I can still see the bus pulling up and the music playing now. What a great gig for an old guy if you ask me. Plus you can’t deny that he had some mad dancing skills!

12. L’Oreal Kids Shampoo

Smelled good, kinda looked like fish for fun, but still burned the hell out of your eyes. Do you know how many years it took me to realize the ‘no tears’ slogan was because it supposedly made your hair easier to brush out rather than you wouldn’t cry if it got in your eyes? A long, long time.

11. Madame Alexander McDonald Minis

I still have a lot of the mini Disney edition ones somewhere in my basement (I guess certain ones are worth money now a days???). I loved these little dolls dressed up as characters from movies. I always thought the entire concept of them were so cute and creative!

10. Magic Eye Books

You either could see it or you couldn’t. I swear half the time the photos worked and it was easy to make out the image hidden underneath whereas other times they didn’t even bother putting an underlying picture knowing kids are going to claim they see it just to look cool either way.

9. Kudos Bars

I was always jealous when one of my friends had a Kudos bar in their lunch box. They were literally just as much sugar as a candy bar but I think if you squinted you could see some granola. Glorious, deliciously chocolate goodness.

8. Bumpits & Hairagami

Did Hairagami actually work and did anyone actually buy them?? The world may never know. But do we know Bumpits work? Ask Snooki.

7. Neopets

I wasn’t a big user of the Neopet website (I was more of a Webkinz and Club Penguin kinda girl). But I loved collecting their plushie McDonald’s counterparts when they came around every once in a while. Basically it was like caring for a virtual mini animal-mystical creature hybrid.

6. This Doll House

I STILL HAVE THIS HOUSE IN MY ATTIC. I swear this playhouse was the staple of my childhood. All of my Polly Pockets lived in it, even my Barbies. I still have all the furniture in bins in my basement and honestly probably still have the car somewhere too. I thought it was so hi-tech that the stairs to the second floor could flip up and turn into attic stairs. #nextgeneration

5. The Tweevils from Bratz

Anyone else remember the blonde twins from the Bratz tv show, movies, and video games who worked for the rival magazine company? The tweevils were the staple of high school evil meanwhile one was clearly undergoing constant nose jobs.

4. All These Old Toy Food Sets

Basically the “find a random piece of each set here and there” kind of toys. You’d have play bins and find one piece of ice cream and a chicken leg then never find the rest for days.

3. LeapFrog

I loved following along with leap frog books. I honestly am still mystified as to how exactly they worked (probably magic), but these little bad boys definitely kept me entertained on longer car rides. It was great because as a kid it was all the fun parts about reading without the actual reading part. Pictures with a little pen that would spell and pronounce the words out for you! Only issue is once you got bored over a book you’ve already ‘read’ too many times over or you lost the little attachment piece for the book.

2. Narrow Nantucket Bracelets

Remember finding the size that fit your wrist perfectly and wearing them until they were too dirty to be seen in public or until they shrunk from too much water to the point that you had to have your parent cut them off of you? Good times.

1. Window Art & Shrinky Dinks

That beautiful disgusting art where you basically made artwork with liquid clear plastic then stuck it directly to your window to never be removed again. Never. Ever. Removed. Even if you wanted it to be that ish ain’t never coming off. Meanwhile Shrinky Dinks were THE THINGGGG. Who didn’t love coloring plastic and sticking it into a mini oven only to watch it condense? Plus then you got to take it out and cut yourself on the rough corners and only use it as a key chain at most! THE THINGS THAT ENTERTAINED US 90s/00s KIDS.

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