Welcome to Operations/Once Upon A Time is Now

So traditions is over and you’re finally a cast member!! Good for you! If you’re like me and have a day off before training starts I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you go to a Disney park!!

On Monday morning, bright and early at 7:30 am, some of my roommates and I had our Welcome to Operations class. Welcome to Operations is a 4 hour class held at Disney University, that everyone in the program must go through in order to start on site training. I can’t really go into too much detail about what goes on throughout the class, but I will give you a little advice. One: GET SOME SLEEP THE NIGHT BEFORE. This is a LONG class and it starts extremely early in the morning. Without proper sleep you might accidentally nod off and let me tell you, they will call you out in front of everyone if you fall asleep. Second: mentally prepare yourself for a long day; pack some brain food to keep you energized and focused! The class basically goes over how everyone’s contribution is important to making Disney magic for guests everyday. You will become well acquainted with Andy (you’ll get what I mean later).

The coordinators that run the class know it can be tough to get through, so they try their best to lighten the mood and crack some jokes! After that you will either be let loose for the day or, if you are like me, you will start your next 4 hour class: Welcome to Food & Beverage. This one went by a little bit quicker. At this point in the day everyone was a little more awake and willing to participate. Welcome to F&B is for QSFB and Seaters only. There are other role specific classes for each role. The class talks about the basics of food safety, safety in the kitchen, and most importantly cleanliness in the kitchen. After you take an online course about food safety its time for the best part of the day: COSTUMING. Unfortunately today you will just be getting your shoes for work if you’re QSFB or Seater. But let me tell you this, costuming for Magic Kingdom is probably the coolest thing to experience ever.

Costuming is conveniently located right next to Disney U so you don’t have to walk far. Once inside you will be engulfed in rows and rows and rows of costumes from every ride, shop, and stand at the Magic Kingdom. My eyes bulged when I caught a glimpse at all of these costumes. Costuming for my actual costumes came during my Once Upon A Time tour but just getting an early sneak peek of this warehouse excited me. Also for those who don’t know QSFB and Seaters get free non-stick shoes to wear for work! After that your day is done and you’re free to do whatever you want!

Then comes Once Upon A Time… Is Now. The first thing you have to know about this tour is it’s specifically for people working at the Magic Kingdom. There are tours for every park, water park, and hotel DCPs work at to get acquainted with their location. I’m not going to lie though when I say Magic Kingdom’s tour is probably the coolest. Who wouldn’t want a private all day backstage and onstage tour of the park of today, tomorrow and fantasy? It’s another early day with A LOT of walking so I suggest once again getting some good sleep. By the way did I mention you get paid to tour the Magic Kingdom?? Well you do!

The tour starts off in the tunnels then to onstage. You then tour and learn the history about every single land in the park! It’s so cool! They also tell you about the various rides and food each land has to offer. You might even be able to ride one… (hint hint). Once the tour is over, everyone is split up by role then split up further by either land or location. There you will learn more about what your duties will be and what costumes you will specifically be wearing. This is a great time to meet people you will be working with and people working around you. Then it’s off to costuming once again! This time at costuming they personally escort you to the section where your location’s costume resides! THEN YOU GET TO TRY THEM ON. One thing you should know is don’t be discouraged when your ten sizes bigger in Disney clothing than you are in normal clothing… Disney sizes are weird and they warn you of them. Once you find your size and try on your glamorous costumes, it’s time to check out and prepare for training the next day! I will do another post specifically about training and will ask some of my roommates to give me some input about their training days to get views from different roles!

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  1. I love how easy it is to feel your excitement when reading this!! I’m so glad you’re having a great time!! Miss you lots!!


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