10 Ways To Focus On Self Care This New Years

First of all Happy New Year to everyone! Let’s send some positive vibes out to the universe and make sure that 2021 is a new year with a fresh start! One way to make some positive vibrations happen? Self care! So many people make New Years’ resolutions and for many their either a little too unattainable or forgotten on January 2nd. So I decided to compile a list of simple ‘resolutions’ you could call them, that will leave you feeling like a better version of yourself! In some ways this may be physically, but my main focus here is mentally! The important piece here is to creative goals that are not only achievable, but also leave you feeling happy INSIDE first, so then you can radiate that positivity outward! Enjoy everyone 🙂

10. Workout & Eat Healthier On Your OWN Terms

Now of course when it comes to New Years’ Resolutions, this tends to be on the top of everyone’s list. It also tends to be the first lost resolution because many dive in full force and it becomes too overwhelming to continue long-term. This is why I felt it was important to say on your OWN terms. Working out more and eating healthier has no generic across the board standard to go by. You don’t have to follow a crazed diet or workout plan if you don’t want to. With that being said if that helps you achieve your goals by having guidelines to follow then thats great, but baby steps are also a great way of making these resolutions long-lasting. Maybe at first it’s just the goal of walking more every day or even simply drinking more water. Over time you can increase your activities and standards until you’re where you want to be both actively and health wise. This has nothing to do with weight it’s simply about feeling better. I like the stress that as well because I have been in that position before. Where every year the goal was to lose weight, I’d go crazy the first week or two then give up because I was pushing myself too far and it wasn’t healthy mentally. Focus on feeling better and do what works for you do NOT focus on what the scale says or what others believe you should do.

For motivation for working out, there are a few YouTubers that I live by for not only their exercise videos, but also for their self-image messages and relationship with food. If you are interested I will link their channels here:

Linda Sun
Lilly Sabri
Chloe Ting

9. Buy An Oil Diffuser Or Some New Candles To Calm Your Space

One of my favorite purchases of 2020 was an oil diffuser! I have always been an avid candle user (Bath & Body Works owns my soul), and that still hasn’t changed, but my oil diffuser has certainly been a game-changing enhancement! I love being able to mix and match my own scents and smells with my newly created essential oils collection. The diffuser does a great job of making your entire room or space smell amazing in a fast way! Whether you use it alone or match the scent to complement a candle, it’s a great way of self-care by creating a calming mental space to work or relax in. Inexpensive ones can be found at both in stores and online! I got mine from Marshall’s personally, but I also know Amazon has a wide selection of options with varying price ranges! The links to the Amazon images above can be found in their caption!

8. Make A Reading List And Read A Book

Need a break from our stressful world? Maybe you already binge-watched every there is to offer on Netflix or maybe you’re just tired of looking at a screen every second of the day? Welp, switch the tv off, close the laptop, put your phone on silent and grab a book! Even for those who claim they’re not big readers, there’s a book out there for anyone. Do some research and discover a genre that might peak your interest! For suggestion I do have some on the reading tab on my website! But overall just cozy up with a blanket, cup of something hot, and let yourself become fully submerged into a story. It’ll allow your mind to wander and explore when you can’t fully do that in today’s questionable world. It’ll allow your body to relax and stimulate your mind in a positive way!

7. Make A 2021 Bucket List

Make a bucket list that has adventures or activities you hope to accomplish this year! Whether that be things you weren’t able to accomplish in 2020 or even just things you hope to do once the world slowly goes back to normal, give yourself something to look forward to without a time frame!

6. Try An Adult Coloring Book Or Activity Book!

Fun stuff guys. Seriously. There’s activity books out there or all ages and interests. It’s not just from one group of people. I guarantee you if you have any interest whatsoever, Amazon has an adult coloring book version of it. I’ve seen the most wild topics for coloring books ranging from Nature & Movies to Serial Killers & Pretty Swear Words. Barnes & Noble also has a great selection as well. As for activity books, both Amazon and Barnes & Noble also have great finds in terms of word or number games such as sudoku or crosswords. You can find activity books with just about any brain game or brain teasers out there and difficulty levels for every range! Once again links to the books pictures above can be found in the captions!

5. Try A Self Planner (If You Love Organization)

If you’re the organizational type who likes to get their year planned out, true buying a self-planner and map out all your monthly plans ahead of time! If you’re the kind of person where planning ahead stresses you out, then I don’t recommend this. But for the planners who do, relax your mind by knowing you won’t forget any important events because they will be written down for the entire course of the year! Cute and different styles can be found almost anywhere and a lot of 2021 planners are already on sale now that the year has started!

4. Try A New Hobby Or Skill

Feel like trying something new that you can put your heart and soul into while making the days go by a little faster? Try a new skill or hobby! Maybe take an online course that interests you or watch tutorial videos on YouTube. Try cooking or maybe even painting! Head to a craft store and see if something might catch your eye or try a new physical activity that you’ve never done before! The possibilities are truly endless with this one and nothing has to be expensive or break the bank in order to accomplish. If you’re stuck or need help, simply try googling new ideas, the internet is a great way to give you some positive ideas!

3. Have Your Own Spa Night

Whether that be a bubble bath, a face mask, or painting your nails, grab a drink of choice and just pamper yourself! Play some calming spa music and do whatever soothes you best. Maybe even watch a meditate or ASMR video on YouTube. Anything that will make you feel truly rejuvenated by the end of the night!

2. Try A Mindfulness Journal

Another great way to get what’s in your head onto paper. Try a daily journal that allows you to let your anxieties out or maybe one that just allows you to share your thoughts to reflect on in the future. Mindfulness journals are an amazing way of self-care because it focuses entirely on you! It’s also great for people like me who are awful at keeping anything like a diary because many of these journals give you prompts to assist in letting your thoughts turn into words. There is a wide variety of different types of mindfulness journals out there! I will link the two above in their captions but don’t let just two suggests limit you to exploring what others may be out there! There is certainly a journal that will be a perfect fit for you!

1. Get Some New Comfy Clothes

We all know what quarantine has done for us: sweatpants and pajamas. Honestly, can’t say I’m too upset by this. Okay, well, I am definitely upset over all the cute outfits I own that are totally going to waste, but I can’t say I’m not enjoying being comfy every day. But sometimes getting into a clothing rut can also mess with your head and mental space. Maybe you don’t want to put money towards new outfits knowing they will only go to waste at the moment. Instead, maybe allow yourself to splurge a little and buy a new pair of sweatpants, sweatshirts, or even some new fuzzy socks! Buy something so when you put it on you still get that new outfit feel. Wearing something new can really boost your mood and make yourself feel good even it it’s something you’ll only be wearing around the house! Overall I really hope these suggestions will help you in your 2021 journey! We all deserve to breathe a sigh of relief even if it’s only for a few hours. Times are definitely tough but brighter days are so close ahead now! Keep your head up and focus on the positives!


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