10 Things From School You Forgot About If You’re A 90s/00s Kid

10. Seeing How Far You Could Reach

This along side the mile and the sit-up test was one of the worst days of my elementary school gym-class career. I hated everyone compared how flexible they were because, well, quite frankly, I never was.

9. Stephen Biesty’s Incredible Cross-Sections Books & Eye Witness Books

These books were amazingly entertaining yet equally incredibly informative. It’s amazing how much detail and information could be put into one book and the amount of different topics the books covered. I still love flipping through these books solely for the pictures and tid-bits of information.

8. These Math Class Bears

These bears were basically giving toys to the class. As soon as we had our hands on them the distractions started almost right away. Great concept for math, but not a good idea depending on the age group.

7. These Clear Bingo Chips

I always loved trying to get one of each color when the teacher would hand out these chips or stacking them on top of each other to make other colors. The small things that entertained me in school as a kid.

6. Zip-up Pencil Cases

Another grade A distraction during class and I’m surprised the teachers didn’t ban them. Honestly I don’t think enough kids had them to really cause a full class distraction, but fully unzipping then zipping these cases back up were both fun and LOUD.

5. Art Class Water Color Kits

Between the smell and the lack of color they truly produced, these water color kits were the STAPLE of any elementary school art class. I remember always fighting with the rest of the class over finding the cleanest palette. Compared to the one that was clearly utilized with a little TOO much water in it’s previous use.

4. Flexible Rulers

You could distract yourself in class with it, you could bend it, and most of all it almost never actually made a straight line. Wins all around right?

3. The Smell of These Library Cards

Nothing beat the smell of an elementary school library (or just an old library in general). But getting a book checked out and the musty smell of the ancient card in the back hit differently. I remember in my elementary school a lot of kids would find their parents names in the backs of the books from when they were children. Small town vibes right there.

2. The Best Day of The Week

Picture via NOXAD

GUYS. I honestly don’t even know where to begin when it comes to these bad boy Mozzarella sticks. Like they look fake and felt a little fake, but MAN they were GOOD. People would race down to the cafeteria on whatever day they were on the menu to make sure they got their fill before the cafeteria ran out!

1. Pain Worse Than A Scooter To The Ankle

See here’s the issue. They were fun to play with in gym class until things got out of control. One wrong movement and you’d either get slapped in the face or some good plastic to the top of your head. Both were equally painful.

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