15 Vintage Disney Christmas Cards That Will Give You ALL The Feels

Lets mix my two favorite things together SHALL WE!? I’m talking old, cool vintage stuff and DISNEY. Like how can you go wrong with either of those things?! Well as long as you’re not looking at Disney prices now. I’m sure when these cards came out they were like a penny meanwhile a normal Disney Christmas Card now is probably like $20 a pop. ANYWAYS. Check out these super cool vintage Disney Christmas Cards and I will try my best to find the dates for as many of them as I can!

15. Greetings, 1935

1935 Christmas card back | Tom Simpson | Flickr
Photo From: Tom Simpson

14. The Night Before Christmas

Christmas Disney ~ Il Magico Mondo dei Sogni

13. Pinocchio

Christmas Disney ~ Il Magico Mondo dei Sogni

12. Fantasia, 1940

Disney Christmas Card 1940
Photo From: Oh My Disney

11. Visit From Santa

Vintage Disney Collectibles

10. Silly Symphony, 1935

Related image

9. Three Best Festive Pals

8. Noel

Disney Merry Christmas
Photo From: Huge Cool

7. Mickey Mouse Magazine, 1937

1937 ... ring-a-ding Mickey! by x-ray delta one, via Flickr
Photo From: James Vaughan

6. Small World, 1966

The 1966 Walt Disney Company Christmas card. Photo by Chris Barry.

5. Christmas Tunes, 1930s

4. A Couple of Mice, 1950

50s Disney Xmas Cards
Photo From: Animation Resources

3. Mickey Mouse! (Donald Duck), 1956


2. Alice In Christmasland?, 1951

Disney Christmas Card 1950
Photo From: Oh My Disney

1. Peter Pan Flying By, 1953

Image result for retro disney christmas cards
@Huge Cool Flickr

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