Arkansas’s Gurdon Light

While doing my research on American mysteries in order to make sure all of my facts are in line, I came across this lore that I just couldn’t pass up on sharing. I have never heard of this legend before and I found it extremely fascinating, especially because it is all said to occur in October of each year! Spooky stuff man. Anyways lets get right on into the Gurdon Light of Gurdon, Arkansas.

Gurdon, Arkansas is located in South Western part of the state. Originally an old timber Image result for gurdon arkansaslumbering railway town, Gurdon was founded in the late 1800s. The quiet town of just over 2,000 people is home today to not only an abandoned railroad track, but a haunting story that leaves many returning every October.

Legend has it that a railroad worker was walking the tracks late one night with a lantern in hand. The lantern’s glow was not enough to warn the oncoming train of the worker’s presence and he was hit. Now it is said that his head was decapitated from the rest of his body and he still searches for it to this day. Another tale states that a railway supervisor known as William McClain, who was near the tracks with a lantern in hand, was killed during a fight with another railway worker back in the 1930s.

To this day, every October, brave souls travel to the grounds of the abandoned railroad tracks where the legendary tragedy once occurred. It is said that those who go there both at night and in daylight, experience instances where they see a light that seems to be floating with no source.

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People have been able to capture this glowing orb in both videos and on camera with the glow shining colors of orange and white or blue and green. There is no mistaking the glowing light exists in this wooded area because it has been witnessed by thousands of adventurers passing through. Skeptics believe it could be lights from a nearby highway, but many who have seen the light for themselves beg to differ. So I will leave it up to you to decide for yourself, does the glowing light of a ghost lantern exist in Gurdon, Arkansas? Or is it all just myth?

Here is a video of the light as well! Enjoy:


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