15 Snacks You Definitely Had After School if You Were A 90s/00s Kid

I just live for these throwback posts. I don’t know what it is about them but it really does take me on a trip down memory lane whenever I concoct one. This time were gonna take it back to those elementary school days. Back when after school, your biggest joy in life was either going to after school or going home and enjoying one of these bad boy snacks I’m about to list below. Half the time we probably didn’t even know what exactly we were eating but hey, the stuff was colorful and yummy.

Just before I dive in, I would like to point out that not ALL of these items are discontinued but some are to really heighten this nostalgic experience.

15. Wonder Ball


The Wonder Ball goes round and round to pass it quickly you are bound, if you’re the one to hold it last, the game has passed and you are OUT, O-U-T spells OUT! Anyone else remember that? Or how about the fact that the US suddenly decided it should be illegal to put small toys in the center of chocolate because it could be a ‘choking hazard.’ Either way this chocolate wasn’t the best, but the chalk-like candy or toys inside made it worth the purchase!

14. DunkAroos

Anyone else know how these little cookies were able to bring so much joy into my life?? I remember the days when I was in after school and they’d bring these bad boys out. It was like the combo of a beautiful graham cracker then you could dip it in FROSTING. Frosting that not only had sprinkles in it, but also somehow managed to taste like the best frosting you’ve ever had in your entire life. So good, I know you probably scooped it out and finished every last bit even when the cookies were long gone.

13. Teddy Grahams


Going off this graham cracker craze I’m suddenly feeling, lets talk about the OG Graham Cracker brand: Teddy Grahams. I think I could continuously eat Honey Teddy Grahams 24/7 to this day. Then it was a game changer when I started eating the chocolate ones, but the ultimate game changers were definitely the Chocolately Chip ones. Ugh, great, now I’m hungry. Why do I have to be Gluten Free now.

12. Circus Animal Cookies & Animal Crackers Iced


These two get to go together because they were like half the same thing. I don’t know why they both picked the pink and white theme but I LOVED these guys. Now Circus Animal Cookies were like my go to if I needed a BIG sweet fixing because lets be real, those things were doused in sugary goodness but it could get overwhelming. Whereas Animal Cookies Iced were a little more chill when it came to the sugar. You could really taste the nice graham cracker cookie with just a touch of sweet icing.

11. Tattoo Fruit Roll-Ups & Gushers


There was two extremes when it came to these Fruit Roll-Up Tongue tattoos, those who actually attempted to get the tattoos on their tongues, and those whose tongues turned blue from eating the Fruit Roll-Up whole. I also had to ‘pack’ them together with another tongue color changing classic: Gushers. The great thing about these is half the time when you opened the pack they were all stuck together, the juice was already stuck to your hands and they got all stuck to the top of your mouth. Good times.

10. Smiles


Not gonna lie, I definitely picked boxed mashed potatoes over these guys, but hey if ya doused a good amount of Ketchup on them I’d eat them! These smiles usually ended up coming out deformed, slightly demonic looking, or burnt, but one thing was constant, they would probably either burn your mouth with their mushy hot mush or still be cold. No in between.

9. Yogo Bits


When it comes to these bad boys, I’m not gonna lie, weren’t my favorite. I don’t know if it was a texture thing or the taste, but they just didn’t really do it for me. That of course though didn’t stop me from consuming them when they were in my lunch box. I think the rollers freaked me out more because of the middle strip, but honestly the little bits were always enticing, but ended up making me feel almost sick every time.

8. Minute Maid Juice Bars


WHOEVER DESIGNED THESE LITTLE JUICE HOLDERS ARE GENIUS. Not only did they taste like pure joy in a little pouch, it was so easy to push them up with them going everywhere!

7. Lunchables


So for those of you who might not have heard, but Lunchables have been getting a TON of backlash recently. Honestly, from the things that I’ve seen, I now understand why my mom would never buy them for me and why she thought they were so bad. Because, well, they are pretty bad. Of course you were the cool kid in school if you brought in one of these bad boys for lunch, but have you ever checked out the ingredient list now a days? Basically a big long list of chemicals. Wooo! I mean given I’m sure half of this processed food on this list is the same way, but this is one of the worst. Also the sodium count hurts my soul.

6. Cheese-it Gripz


Cheese-it ANYTHING is basically heaven on earth. Some genius in this world knew we all needed cheese mixed with crackers in ALL FLAVORS. Then they decided to make them even smaller than bite sized. This is where good ol Cheese-It Gripz came into play. They were so nifty with their pouches that most people basically just choked by trying to see how many they could pour into their mouth at once. Talk about a chokin good time.

5. Scooby Doo Gummies & Shark Bites


The blue Scooby Doos and the White Sharks were the sole providers of these gummies lets be real. I don’t know how many times I would open multiple bags at once (usually to the anger of my aunt), to dig for those two types of solid colored bad boys. All the colors tasted great, but no one can deny the solid blue and solid white.

4. Flavor Blasted Goldfish


Add cheesy powder to anything in cracker form and I’m listening. These two flavors were like heaven in a bag. Of course all Goldfish, like Cheese-its, are basically a gift to the world, but somehow Flavor Blasted just managed to hit home in a different way. I swear I’d walk away with my mouth burning from the salt intake, but it was worth it because they were just so dang good.

3. Trix Yogurt


Comment your favorite flavor combo below (or color combo cause lets be real color was the only thing that mattered as a kid). I think my favorite was always the red and yellow, because strawberry banana yogurt was always my go to flavor. These duo flavored yogurts were both colorful AND delicious!

2. Jet-Puffed FunMallows


The fondest memory I have with these mallows above involves my dad. I always loved these mini marshmallows because they really did taste different from normal mini mallows thanks to that hint of fruitiness. Anyways, back to the story. When I was little, besides always going for the pink ones because I was a pink kinda girl, my dad and I would play a game. Basically he would always steal my green marshmallows. It was a thing that whenever I would take a green marshmallow out of my little plastic cup filled with funmallows, he would try to snatch it from my hand and eat it. Good times, funny how little things like that are the memories that stick around.

1. Blues Clues Mac N Cheese (and the other shape packs I guess)


What was more shocking than when the world realized Blue was a girl? Or may even when we all found out Paprika was going to be a big sister? How about when Kraft was able to make Blue’s Clues INTO MAC N CHEESE. Like I remember being shell shocked when my nana would make me a heaping bowl of Kraft and I’d see these cool as heck blue noodles. I would dig through my bowl (channeling my inner Steve, NOT JOE) to find each and EVERY clue. What a great note to end on. Such a great show, 10/10.

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