Guest Encounters pt. 1

Hello Everyone! So I have been wanting to make a post like this for a while, I just wasn’t sure exactly how to go about it! I have seen a ton of blogs and vlogs of people sharing their crazy guest experiences and I decided to make a compilation of not just my own, but also some shared by some DCP pals of mine! This post is simply to make people laugh and show future DCPs that your jobs, no matter what role, can be entertaining every day! This is in no way meant to bash or be anyways negative towards Disney guests! With that being said, check out my video that solely focuses on me discussing my hilarious guest experiences, and enjoy mine along with others posted below!

“A guest once asked me if they could get a cold brew coffee hot” -Danielle 
“A guest ask us to ‘bag’ his Dole Whip once so he could eat it later in his hotel room. When we explained to him that it would melt, he then asked if we could just give him the mix to do it himself” I don’t think he realized you need a machine for that -Kaitlyn
“One time a guest pointed at Splash Mountain and looked at me completely serious and asked “that’s the castle right?” I didn’t know what to say so I just said ‘…no… that’s Splash Mountain….’ -Abby 
“I had accidentally burnt my finger one shift and had to cover it with a bandage. One kid asked me what happened and I told them that I had eaten cheese earlier and Mickey smelled it on my hand so he nibbled on it. The kid then told me I should call the police if Mickey’s being mean” -Jessie 
“Once when I was greeting guests, a little boy came up to me and showed me the toy snake he had just got from Adventureland. He was telling me all of these fun facts about snakes and how he was going to name his new friend. Then literally in the middle of his sentence he stopped dead in the middle of his thought, looks at me, and goes ‘I took two planes to get here and pissed myself on one of them'” I almost couldn’t contain my mix of shock and laughter at the suddenness of it all -Victoria 
“I had a lady tell me she lost her son. When I told her I would call my manager, she told me she didn’t want to wait for the manager to find her son because she had a Fastpass for Pirates” -Christy
“This one time in Liberty Square, a guest wanted his turkey leg replaced after he had eaten half of it. Apparently the grease had dripped all over his pants and his excuse was ‘it’s melting'” -Kaitlyn
“I had a couple who were asking me if they could get another Dole Whip Float for free because their picture of the first one didn’t get enough likes on Instagram” -Cassidy
“One time I had to tell a kid to stop finding lizards in the bushes and throwing them in the pool. I didn’t even know how to react because I had never seen a kid do something like that before” -Ben 
“It was Mardi Gras and a lot of the guests in Magic Kingdom were decked out in Gold, Green, and Purple. Sunshine Tree Terrace had been closed for about a half hour at this point since it closes an hour before the park does. I was in the back washing dishes and two of my fellow CPs, Christy and Michael, were out front cleaning the counters. The ordering window shutters were closed and all of the sudden someone started to bang on them. The banging continue and a lady started to yell ‘Are yall open!?’. Michael and Christy decided to continue cleaning instead of answering; it was then that she banged again and yelled ‘I know yall are in there.’ They both looked puzzled and didn’t really know what to do, so they continued to ignore the woman and she eventually stopped banging. SUDDENLY this lady completely decked out in Mardi Gras attire comes barging in through the Cast Member only back entrance! She looks at me and goes ‘sweetie come here’. I was in complete shock and explained to her why she clearly couldn’t be back here. She then goes ‘but don’t you just want to fix me up a citrus swirl?’. I told her we were closed and the machines were empty. She then explained that she didn’t understand since the park wasn’t closed yet. I told her how we closed early and she goes ‘but I want one!’. We finally got her to leave and clearly she must have been spending some time in one of the parks that isn’t dry haha. The funniest part was our coordinator tried to scare us by banging on the shutters even though he had no idea what just happened. We all jumped and screamed. He was like ‘I didn’t think it was going to scare you that much’. We then explained to him what just happened. It was definitely a crazy situation” -Victoria 

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  1. The expression.. It takes all kinds…. 🤦🏻‍♀️ applies here. Funny stories, you should try to find more . ❌⭕️

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