Starlit Splash

An entire park open just to DCPs, pirates roaming the grounds, and free Mickey bars. This kind of stuff must only happen in dreams, right? Think again. Starlit Splash is definitely one night from my program that I will always remember. This night celebrates all the hard work DCPs have endured so far in their program and it’s really just a great time to celebrate the start of summer with friends! Starlit Splash occurs in the beginning of May for participants in the Spring Program; Fall participants have a winter ball instead! An email is sent out in advance so CPs can scramble to try and get the time off. Yes, unfortunately they do not ensure you the night off to be able to attend this event. Unlike Cinderella attending the ball, unless you have a fairy godmother at hand, it’s up to you to request the day off or find someone to cover your shift (or hope with some Disney magic you were already given the day off). That’s really the only downside to the event.

Now where might this event take place? Hmmm, ok well lets think here, the event has the word “splash” in it so that should already help you narrow it down to two parks. If you ask me though I don’t really think pirates fit into the Blizzard Beach setting so if you guessed Typhoon Lagoon first then you would be correct! Typhoon Lagoon is closed at 5 o’clock to guests on the day of the event and then reopened for DCPs only! The only other people allowed to attend are Professional Interns who pay a 15$ attendance fee, other than that it is free to all college program participants!

When you first arrive you show your housing ID and receive a wristband proving you’re in the program; then you receive a free event T-shirt (who doesn’t love free t-shirts!?). From there you go scour down an empty locker and then you’re off to enjoy the basically empty park! Now what does this party have to offer, you might ask? Well the wave pool, lazy river, and a select few water slides are open for everyone to enjoy! What else makes IMG_2383this event special? Try a DJ Booth with a GIANT dance party on the beach in front of the wave pool. The DJs play songs from new hits to everyone’s favorite Disney classics; giant beach balls are thrown throughout the crowd and leis are handed out! Moving towards Leaning Palms you will find Cast Members handing out free Mickey Bars and Mickey Ice Cream Sandwiches. I swear this 18221944_10203241210188219_2160871858599178983_ncaused people to go crazy, free Disney food is hard to come by so take the offer while you can. You can also go up for seconds as long as you don’t get too greedy, save some for everyone else too. Two food stations can also be found in front of Leaning Palms and the Snack Shack. Here CPs can get their fill of food from burgers to make your own nachos. Throughout the park there are also refreshment stands offering various drinks and chips.

Now I know I mentioned pirates and for some of you pirate fans you’re probably asking what I’m talking about. Well it’s exactly what I said, there are pirates roaming the whole park! I would say about 20 18194947_10203241211708257_498518462833357631_n.jpgpirates wondered the party talking, taking pictures, and joining in the dance party with DCPs. Sometimes you could find them searching for treasure or passed out in a lawn chair. These pirates only come out once a year for this party so it’s a picture opportunity you really shouldn’t miss!

Overall it’s a night for everyone to enjoy! (Just maybe not the poor working Typhoon CPs) For anyone in the Spring Program I highly recommend to plan ahead and maybe even request the first few days of May off at the beginning of your program as a precaution to make sure you have the day off! I was lucky to have already had the day off but I knew of many CPs who scrambled to find someone to cover their shifts or to switch shifts with! Disney really knows how to throw a great party and how to reward its DCPs for working as hard as we do!

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