Update: I’m Back!

Hello everyone! Guess who’s back, back, back again, long time no see huh? Ya I know, I’m sorry. Readjusting to life back home after a dream filled 4 months can be a little hard but I’m back and ready to finish telling the story of my experience! In the upcoming days I plan to upload some new vlogs from my time in Florida and finishing writing about all the amazing experiences this program has to offer! I promise I will do a better job at staying on top of this blog because I am determined to help any future DCPs and show this how great this experience truly is! That being said I also want to reach out and let anyone about to start the program or thinking about doing in the future to please ask question! I have a page for anyone to send something in! Whether it’s about work, the parks, or adjusting I would be more than happy to answer anything! Be ready for new articles and updates coming soon!

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