Animal Kingdom

Hello Everyone! Long time no see, I know. Work has been crazy and the internet here at the apartment complexes has mood swings but I’m back! I finally got another video to upload! This one is from our day in Animal Kingdom during one of our days off.

Here’s my opinion on the Animal Kingdom, it’s definitely cool and giant but you can’t really spend an entire day there. Fun fact, Animal Kingdom is the largest park in Disney World and all of Magic Kingdom could fit inside the Kilimanjaro’s Safari ride alone (won a nifty disney college program key chain for that one). Now back to the more pressing matters, even though it may be the largest park, it also has the least amount of rides. I’m by no means trying to bash Animal Kingdom, the rides it does have including Everest, Kilimanjaro’s Safari, and Dinosaur are awesome. It also holds one of the best stage shows I have probably ever seen, Festival of the Lion King. The main issue I have with the park is after doing all of this cool stuff you realize it’s only noon and you’re left wondering what to do. This is why we decided to head over to Hollywood Studios and see Fantasmic after we were done at Animal Kingdom!

Before I hop into Fantasmic I just want to take a minute to highlight all the amazing food Animal Kingdom has to offer. The park is split up into different areas such as Africa, Asia, and Dinoland so you can only imagine the amazing cuisine it has to offer. If you’re heading to Asia and don’t feel like sitting at a table service restaurant, I highly recommend you try the Yak & Yeti quick service option. This is located right next to the Yak & Yeti restaurant and the Asian cuisine there is AMAZING. You’ll see in my video some food options from here but let me just tell you that the chicken fried rice is awesomeeee.

Did I also mention we all became REAL Wilderness Explorers (big day for room 1103) and met the top Wilderness Explorer himself? It definitely was a highlight of the day!

Once we finished up at Animal Kingdom, picked up McKenzie from work, and got to Hollywood Studios, it was just about time for Fantasmic! Emily had never seen it before so we knew we couldn’t pass on the opportunity! So after we got some desserts from the villains bakery on sunset blvd. it was time to watch the show! Below is the video recap of our day, feel free to check it out and subscribe!

Video: Toria’s Tales of Disney: Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios

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