1,000 Views and Magic Kingdom!

Hello everyone! This is going to be a small post, but I am excited to announce that my blog has reached 1,000 views! It might not sound like a lot, but it’s so exciting to know people are following along with me on my journey!

The day after traditions 4 out of the 6 of us (roommates) had a day off before training started. We decided to get up as early as possible and head straight to Magic Kingdom! We had an amazing day of rides, characters, and of course Disney food. This time of year is great because the park wasn’t too crowded. We were able to get on plenty of rides with little to no wait. Also Disney Cast Members have a place in their hearts for new DCPs. On one ride a Cast Member saw our new hire tickets and we were slipped some free fast passes. We brought our ears (from Traditions) to be engraved at the ear shop and once the Cast Member saw we were DCPs we were all given a slip for a free dessert from the Confectionary!

We had a plenty of crazy moments throughout the day whether it was from Emily unfortunately losing her hat on Big Thunder Mountain to Kenzie getting “spooked” on the Haunted Mansion. It will definitely be a day I won’t forget. At lunch we ate at Pecos Bill (ten out of ten would recommend) where Kenzie now works! If you like Tex-Mex this place is for you (their nachos are amazing). After that we walked through Frontierland/ Adventureland to see my work locations. At the end of the day we decided to go see the bossman and were shocked (and slightly scared) when he decided to talk right back to us! (You’ll see that in my video) Wishes was held early because of a tornado watch and let me tell you, as soon as that firework show ended (Disney probably told the rain to hold off until the end of the show) the sky opened up. Getting back to the car was quite the adventure, it poured and we had no rain jackets. We had to take the monorail in the thunder and lightning (that was scary but cool). Once we finally got to the car and made it home in one piece we all agreed that it was definitely a great day! In the video below you will see all of our adventures from the day!

My Video: Toria’s Tales of Disney: Magic Kingdom

One Reply to “1,000 Views and Magic Kingdom!”

  1. I can see by what you wrote that Disney takes care of ” their own💓” Very nicely 🎈
    (And good group planning ) made for a unforgettable day….
    Love to read of your journey. keep them coming.
    🙋🏻 Love Auntie Ellen and Uncle Gigi


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