Housing Meeting & Roommate Gifts

So now it’s Wednesday. First thing future DCPs should know is that check in and traditions are a few days apart. For example, my check in was Tuesday and my traditions aren’t until Saturday, which unfortunately means no Disney parks until Saturday for me (so sad but worth the wait). One thing you can look forward to is the housing meeting the following day after check in. The meeting is held in Commons so for people in the Patterson & Chatham area like me can easily walk there, Vista Way people can take a bus. Entering the meeting room the cast members have Disney music blasting with disco lights everywhere. I can say I’ve never been to a housing meeting with a grander entrance. The meeting itself can be a little boring but pay attention to the information they tell you, it’s important and helpful!

After the meeting, my roommates and I took a trip to Walmart to do a little food shopping. For those of you that don’t know the Walmart in the area is HUGEEE. Fitting five people in the car plus an abundance of groceries was quite the adventure. Then it was time to get ready for dinner!

Prior to arrival we made dinner reservations at Bongos in Disney Springs. Before dinner we walked around the Springs and looked inside some of the shops. At dinner we celebrated the night with some mock Pina Coladas (except for Kara who got a big girl one) and toasted to the DCP! As soon as our dinner arrived (it looked amazing and we were starving) some dancers came off stage and asked us to join them. At first we didn’t really know what was happening but then next thing ya know we’re on stage in front of the whole restaurant dancing with our table napkins! They heard we were celebrating so decided to help us do it in style.

Once dinner ended we went to the Disney Store to do some early window shopping for when we get our Cast Member discount. Then it was off to Sprinkles to get some cupcakes to celebrate Miranda’s Birthday! (She was feeling 22)

Once we got back to the dorm and sang, it was time for roommate gifts! Now for those of you that don’t know, roommates in the DCP tend to get each other welcome gifts (usually either Disney or Hometown related) and they’re all exchanged within the first few nights! It’s like Christmas but Disney style! In the video below you’ll see all the adorable things my roommates got me as well as what I made them! Tomorrow we’re off to go resort hopping and then to Beaches & Cream for the famed KITCHEN SINK! (I am working on getting my resort hopping video up soon) It’s almost time for traditions!

Link to Housing Meeting & Roommate Gifts: Toria’s Tales of Disney: Housing Meeting & Roommate Gifts

One Reply to “Housing Meeting & Roommate Gifts”

  1. Victoria πŸ‘―
    Uncle Gigi !!!! And I just watched Video # 2. Loved the present exchange…
    such thoughtful gifts and all of the girls were so sweet in their appreciation.
    Looks like so much fun…. I know the working part will come, but I can see what a nice group of roommates you have. So even when you’re tired and possibly frustrated, (. Working with the general public can do that) you will have these nice people to go home to . That makes me happy πŸŽˆπŸ™‹πŸ» Love you to pieces, Auntie Ellen


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