Perks, Things to Do, and Updates

Check out all the extra fun stuff you can do before, during, and after your program! This page highlights all the exciting opportunities the program has to offer and some little known activities you can take part in!

DCP Perks

Special Update: Super Bowl 2017


Starlit Splash

RunDisney Dark Side 5K

Backstage Tour: Haunted Mansion

Things To Do!

Disney Bucket List

Resort Hopping & Kitchen Sink

1,000 Views and Magic Kingdom!

Animal Kingdom

Hollywood Studios & Magic Kingdom

Chewbacca & Frozen Ever After

Aisling & Be Our Guest

Flower & Garden Festival

4 Parks 1 Day

Disney’s Attention To Detail

Attention To Detail: Magic Kingdom

Disney Foodie

Food, Food, Food & Updates

Food, Food, Food Pt.2

Did Someone Say Ice Cream??

Being Gluten Intolerant In Disney World

Being Gluten Intolerant in Disneyland

Exciting Updates!

Exciting Update!

Exciting Update!

Update: New Instagram Account!

Update: I’m Back!

I’m Not Done Yet!


First blog post

Miscellaneous Posts!

The Disney Tag

The DCP Tag!


A Walk Down Memory Lane