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Okay guys, confession time, I am a TOTAL Grandma. Like give me a good hot cup of coffee (extra caramel swirl OR pumpkin spice if the season fits), a big comfy chair, a good book and I’ll be set for the whole day. Sometimes I’ll go the extra mile and play some instrumental music in the background, classical or celtic are my favorite. Maybe I’ll throw a Spotify on here of what I love to listen to. ANYWAYS tangent aside, my main hobbies include painting and reading. I love to read and dive into other worlds. When life gets stressful it’s so easy to read and suddenly I’m somewhere else. The images or what I read play like a movie in my head.

This page is devoted to book suggestions, reviews, and some of my all time favorites!

Fantasy, Sci-Fi & YA Favorites!

Childhood Throwbacks

Holiday Genres

Classic American Literature Suggestions

Classic European Literature Suggestions