10 Healthy Pumpkin Foods To Get You Into The Fall Spirit!

GUYSSSSSS. HAPPY FALL YALL. Okay, well, not really, not yet. BUT, if you’ve followed along with my blog for a while now then you know I’m not one for holding back when it comes to starting the festivities early! It’s basically time for Christmas in my head. ANYWAYS. Since Dunkin Donuts decided it’s time for pumpkin spice, I knew it was time for all of us to enjoy some pumpkin spice. So I decided to compile a new list of pumpkin themed delicacies that will get everyone into the fall spirit in a healthier manner! I will try to add some gluten-free recipes in here as well, even though most of what I find can easily be made with gluten-free alternatives! ENJOY!

10. Skinny Pecan Pumpkin Pie Bars From It’s Cheat Day Everyday

Yummmm, of course I just had to start this list with a dessert. When it comes to Oct.-Dec. and desserts, I LIVE for them. The holidays just have the best dessert options and flavors in my humble opinion. ANYWAYS, rant aside, these skinny pumpkin pecan bars are calling my name! For all you gluten-free peeps out there like me, it’s also gluten-free! So many things to be excited about! Check out the full recipe over on It’s Cheat Day Everyday’s site here!

9. Healthy Pumpkin Spice Cake From Super Healthy Kids

Wow! Let me just say that these pictures alone already have my mouth watering! The fact that it looks this amazing AND it’s a healthier version of this classic fall treat has me excited to try! For the full recipe from Super Healthy Kids, check out their site here!

8. Roasted Pumpkin Hummus From 31 Daily

Talk about a pumpkin dish that is both healthy and savory! This hummus is a great addition to any fall dinner party or get-together! Or just to eat in a single serving by yourself…. I don’t judge when it comes to food. To see the full list of ingredients and instructions, check out 31 Daily’s site here.

7. Healthy Pumpkin Pancakes From Dwardcooks Healthy Comfort Food

I think when it comes to this dish Dward himself sums it up perfectly, “Seriously, can you imagine waking up to a plate of these?”. Fall is basically my excuse to live, breathe, and constantly eat pumpkin until its time to break out the peppermint. So how could I not take the opportunity to start my day with one of these delectable pumpkin pancakes?? Check out this amazing recipe by Dwardcooks Healthy Comfort Food, on his site here.

6. Healthy Fall Pumpkin Chili From Chew Out Loud

Another great savory recipe for a cold autumn night! Warm up around the fire or with your coziest pair of fuzzy socks and enjoy a nice bowl of this amazing looking chili! I bet the smell alone would send me reeling! Check out the full recipe by Chew Out Loud on their site here.

5. Healthy Pumpkin Muffins From Two Peas & Their Pod

Another great way to start your fall morning off right! Who could refuse a nice warm pumpkin muffin to complement their pumpkin spice coffee? Plus this healthier version will leave you feeling satisfied without the guilt! Check out the full recipe by Two Peas & Their Pod here.

4. Healthy Pumpkin Spice Overnight Oats From Wholefully

Wowza! If you ask me, this looks like heaven in a cup! This hearty breakfast option will give you the fall-filled boost you need to get your day started! I can’t wait to test this recipe out and taste the amazing sweet flavors for myself! For the full recipe by Wholefully, check out their site here!

3. Healthy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies From Sally’s Baking Addiction

These cookies are a great healthy treat to indulge on at just about any time of your day! I loved this recipe specifically because not only do I love a good oatmeal cookie, but the addition of the cranberries really peaked my interest! Talk about bursting with fall flavors! Check out Sally’s Baking Addiction’s full recipe on their site here!

2. Healthy Pumpkin Bread With Chocolate Chips From Healthy Seasonal Recipes

Here we have another fall staple that I had to save as a second to last! How can you resist a good pumpkin bread with chocolate chips!? Honestly sometimes I prefer it over banana bread! Plus slapping the word healthy in front of it has me bursting with excitement! I will definitely be testing this recipe out soon! For the full recipe by Healthy Seasonal Recipes, check out their full site here.

1. Best Ever Healthy Pumpkin Pie From Ambitious Kitchen

I think we all knew how this post was going to end. If you’ve followed along with me for a while now, you know that I obviously love desserts, but one of my ALL TIME favorite fall desserts is pumpkin pie! I could easily eat an entire pie in one sitting by myself if given the opportunity. I have no shame. So since my addiction can tend to be a bit unhealthy, I think a healthier version is a great alternative! Check out the full amazing pie recipe by Ambitious Kitchen on their site here.

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  1. We’re huge pumpkin lovers, so these all look delicious! The bars look especially tempting and are definitely going on our to-make list.

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