The Infamous Tale of the Lizzie Borden House Pt. 4: The ‘Haunting’ Aftermath

So what became of the Borden house after all of the events had occurred there? Well what better way to create a lasting legacy to what is considered an unsolved murder mystery than to turn the house into a Museum Bed & Breakfast.

Today, the house is known as the Lizzie Borden Museum Bed  & Breakfast where guests can explore the house as it stood all of those years ago. Real furniture and objects from the original Borden family can be seen there and even some say you can see the actual Borden family as well.

The house is stated to be extremely haunted and those who chose to stay within its walls overnight as well as toured it throughout the day have stated to see ghostly apparitions and hear disembodied voices. The Bed & Breakfast hosts various ghost tour events as well as overnights in Lizzie’s room where guests can stay in Lizzie’s actual bed (ya I’ll pass thanks). For more information on the tours and overnight availability, you can visit the Bed & Breakfast’s website here.

As for ghost stories, let me share a few images and stories with you. The house itself is said to mainly be haunted by the ghost of Andrew and Abby Borden (makes sense), but is also said to be the resting place for Lizzie’s spirit as well. First of all can we just take a minute to say how awkward it must have been for Lizzie if she murdered her parents only to die and be stuck with them for all eternity inside the house. Must have been a fun reunion…

One of the main occurrences seen by guests of the house revolve around a mirror in Abby Borden’s former room. Many claim, including the staff, that an apparition is often times seen in photos of the mirror or even some to the naked eye.

This photo was supposedly taken from Abby’s room just after 2am and if you look closely you will see the outline of a ghostly figure off to one side of the reflection.

Another paranormal hot spot is the couch that Andrew Borden was murdered on. While some recreate the scene through photos, other images come up showing orbs hovering over the very spot where Andrew was discovered. It is said that orbs are the souls of the departed that linger.

Other notes of strange occurrences mainly revolve around the fire alarm mysteriously going off at early hours of the morning as well as the overwhelming sense of not being alone.

For more spooky images from within the house, I have compiled a short slideshow of images that both show some spooky sightings from within the house as well as images that show you just how much of the original house is still present! Enjoy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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